Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

From everyone at APR, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2015!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Good Weekend in Dells!

We had a great weekend racing in the Dells! We unloaded fast, and that's  one heck of an accomplishment, being that it's only the 3rd time I've ever raced there! We qualified 3rd, and ended up winning the fast dash for cash! With that, we started 6th in the feature, and battled the 2nd place qualifier side by side in the outside groove for 25 laps after the drop of the green flag. As the intense battle ended with us prevailing, we were able to run down several cars in front of us, but ran out of time as the checkered flag waved with us in the 4th position.

With as much fun and excitement the trip to the Dells brought, we have decided to go back and try again this weekend to get a win away from Slinger. Sunday morning we will convert the car back over to our Slinger set up and race Sunday night as well! Going to be a fun busy weekend!

Monday, August 11, 2014

3rd Win of Season Comes in Exciting Fashion!

Story By Dan Margetta

Mike Held forged ahead to lead the opening laps as Alex Prunty quickly slid into the second spot with Jack Stern, Ricky Heinan, and Dan Church close behind. A minor tangle between Jerry Mueller and Andy Evraets in turn three on the third lap bunched up the field causing Tyler Schley to hit the wall hard as the caution flag waved. Prunty was ready on the restart and he was able to charge ahead of Held for the lead as racing resumed, leaving Held to fend off Church and Stern for second. Church and Stern both made their way around Held for second and third respectively before the second caution flag waved on lap 10 for a spin by Corey Funk in turn four. Prunty maintained the lead over Church on the restart as two laps after the green flag appeared, the field slowed again when Grant Griesbach was tagged in the back while trying to edge inside of Ricky Heinan for the fifth spot, causing Griesbach to loop around and collect Steve Scheel and Andy Evraets. Al Stippich was also judged to be part of the incident and he restarted from the back as Prunty and Church lined up to duel for the lead once again. This time Church was able to gain the lead as the race got underway once again but Prunty remained in his tire tracks as it was evident the two would settle the outcome. Prunty took to the outside in the final laps and he and Church raced side by side for several circuits with Church able to keep the lead from the inside. On lap 33, the leaders approached lapped traffic and with a lapped car directly in front of Church in the inside lane, it was all Prunty needed to take the lead from the outside. Prunty then drove to his third feature victory of the season, leaving Church to finish a strong second. Wayne Freimund took the checkered flag in third place while Ricky Heinan and Jack Stern rounded out the top five.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back to Back 2nd Place Finishes in Slinger!

Story By Dan Margetta

Dan Church scored the feature win in the 40-lap late model main event, taking the checkered flag ahead of Alex Prunty and Jon Reynolds Jr.

Jack Stern and Mike Held battled for the lead in the opening laps before Stern took command of the event from the inside on lap three. Al Stippich and Dan Church also used the inside to take over second and third respectively as Held fell into a battle with Jon Reynolds Jr. and Alex Prunty for the fourth spot. With Stern remaining in the lead, Church was able to work his way to the inside of Stippich to take over second as Reynolds and Prunty made their way around Held and into the top five. Church’s car remained glued to the inside of the racetrack and within two laps of grabbing second place, he quickly maneuvered around Stern to take the lead. Once he was in the outside groove, Stern began to fade as Stippich, Reynolds, and Prunty all passed by on the inside. As Church began to extend his lead, Reynolds and Prunty raced into second and third respectively as they both passed Stippich on the inside. With Church comfortably out front, the best battle on the speedway was between Reynolds and Prunty for second as Prunty made numerous attempts to pass on the outside. After several failed attempts on the outside, Prunty was finally able to duck to the inside of Reynolds and after a few laps of door to door racing, he grabbed the second position. There was no catching Church however as he drove to the victory leaving Prunty to settle for second with Reynolds taking the checkered flag in third. Al Stippich finished a strong fourth and Mike Held charged back up to finish fifth.

Tyler Schley and Jack Stern each recorded wins in the late model heat races while Jon Reynolds Jr. set fast time with a lap of 12.486 seconds.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Strong 2nd Place Finish in Slinger!

Story By Dan Margetta

Steven Schulz led the early laps over Ricky Heinan, Jack Stern, and Mike Held, while Mike Meyerhofer raced into fifth. The inside groove worked best early on and Stern, Meyerhofer, Dan Church, and Alex Prunty all used it to move forward as Heinan and Held tried to hang on in the outside lane. Meyerhofer, Church, and Prunty then tracked down Stern for second as Schulz continued to lead. With Schulz out front, Church began to pressure Meyerhofer for second as Prunty raced directly in their tracks while farther back, Wayne Freimund nearly collided with the wall when Duke Long’s car got out of shape and carried wide in turn four. One lap later the caution flag waved when Long’s car looped around after contact with Freimund’s as Schulz led over Meyerhofer, Church, and Prunty. Schulz and Meyerhofer batted side by side for the lead as racing resumed before Meyerhofer was able to power ahead and into the lead from the outside groove. A few laps later, Prunty also used the outside to pass Schulz for second while Church followed suit a few laps later and took over third with another outside pass. Meyerhofer could not be caught over the final laps and he drove to the victory with Prunty taking the checkered flag in second place. Church finished third while Schulz and Mike Held rounded out the top five.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Off Weekend at Slinger, Brings Fun in the Dells!

With Slinger having this past weekend off, Alex and team took a trip to Dells Raceway Park to see what kind of flat track car they have! Overall the weekend went very well with Alex qualifying 6th, and finishing the feature 4th after a 3rd place fast dash finish!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Overheating Causes Late Issues After Running Up Front On Father's Day

Story By: Dan Margetta

Tyler Schley and Jack Stern swapped the lead in the early laps with Pawelski, Church, Ricky Heinan, and Freimund racing for position directly behind them. Alex Prunty and Mike Held also joined the lead group as the inside lane began to advance with Stern leading and Schley caught on the high side as Pawelski, Church, Prunty, and Freimund all moved forward in the lower groove. As Schley tried to fill a momentary gap in front of Freimund, contact between the cars sent Schley’s car looping around where it was struck by Heinan, producing the first caution flag on lap 11. Stern chose the inside lane for the restart and Pawelski made the outside work for him, battling side by side with Stern for the lead before his determination paid off on lap 13 with an outside pass for the lead. Church settled into third place while behind him, Alex Prunty came out on the winning end of a three car battle over fourth with Ryan Miles and Mike Held. Church and Prunty then used the inside line to move by Stern and into second and third respectively while Pawelski continued to lead. A spin by Duke Long in turn two produced another caution flag on lap 20 and Pawelski chose the inside lane for the restart, leaving the high side for Church. Contact on the backstretch between the leaders, temporarily log jammed the field and resulted in Church moving to the inside and Pawelski being sent up top as their lead battle continued. Church was hooked up on the inside and after several laps of racing side by side with Pawelski, he was able to ease into the lead just before the caution flew again on lap 26 when Miles and Stern tangled in turn three. Church and Pawelski renewed their battle for the lead as racing resumed with Alex Prunty now entrenched in third place directly behind them. A final caution flag waved on lap 33 when Grant Griesbach’s car got loose in turn two and collected Tyler Schley’s machine in the process and during the slowdown, Prunty left the track when his car began leaking fluid. Church continued to fend off Pawelski over the final seven laps and he drove to the victory with Pawelski finishing a close second. Wayne Freimund took the checkered flag in third place while Mike Held and Shawn Scheel rounded out the top five.