Monday, August 17, 2015

Back to Back Feature Wins in Slinger! #6 on the Season!

Story By Dan Margetta

Alex Prunty parlayed a late caution into a feature victory as he passed Al Stippich with five laps to go and captured the victory in the 40-lap late model main event.

Stippich and Corey Funk led the field to the green flag and Stippich charged into the early lead from the outside leaving Funk to battle with Andy Evraets, Tyler James, and Jordan DeVoy. As Stippich began to stretch his lead out front, Alex Prunty and Mike Held began to work their way forward after starting deep in the field. Stippich continued to enjoy a sizeable lead as the laps clicked away while Prunty and Held broke into the top five. By lap 29, Prunty and Held had advanced all the way to second and third respectively while Stippich remained solidly in the lead. Stippich began to catch lapped traffic which allowed Prunty and Held to begin to erase the space between themselves and the leader. Matt Rowe and Andy Evraets got together off turn two on lap 34 which sent Evraets’ car spinning around and drew the caution flag with just six laps remaining as Stippich led Prunty, Held, Corey Funk, and Brian Holtz. As racing was about to resume, Funk appeared to have a right rear tire go down and he spun coming to the green flag, ultimately keeping the field under caution a while longer. On the second attempt, Prunty was on his marks from the outside lane and he entered turn one even with Stippich for the lead. By the time they exited turn two, Prunty edged ahead, completing the pass shortly thereafter. Prunty scooted away in the final laps and drove to the win while Stippich and Held staged an aggressive battle for second of which Stippich prevailed at the finish. Held had to settle for third place while Brian Holtz and Dan Jung rounded out the top five in fourth and fifth respectively.

Matt Rowe and Al Stippich were the winners of the late model heat races and Alex Prunty was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 12.270 seconds.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Trip To Slinger Sunday Results in 5th Feature Win of the Season!

By Dan Margetta

Alex Prunty scored his fifth feature win of the season by taking top honors in the 40-lap late model feature.

Joe Bongiorno and Tyler Schley set the pace at the beginning with Alex Prunty, Jordan DeVoy, Al Stippich, and Adam Peschek racing for position close behind. Bongiorno led the opening laps through a few caution periods before Prunty emerged to take the lead on lap nine. Once out front, Prunty’s main challenges came from DeVoy and Mike Held, as caution flags waved for separate incidents on lap nine and seventheen. Prunty was up to the task on each restart and he turned back challenges from DeVoy and Held to grab his fifth feature win of the season. Jordan DeVoy finished second followed by Mike Held in third and Adam Peschek in fourth. Al Stippich finished fifth.

Jake Vanoskey and Joe Bongiorno each scored victories in the late model heat races while Alex Prunty was the fastest qualifier at 12.205 seconds.

After Leading Majority of Super Late Feature Saturday Night at DRP, Flat Tire Ends Alex' Night

Mike Lichtfeld of Portage WI won the Super Late Model Jacoby Waterproofing Summer Sizzler 60 at Dells Raceway Park Saturday Night. Rich Schumann Jr and Landry Potter brought the field to green for the main event with Potter grabbing the top spot early with Schumann and Alex Prunty of Lomira, WI in hot pursuit. By the mid point of the race it was Prunty to the lead followed by Schumann with Potter fading to third and Lichtfeld now joining the mix, by lap 38 Lichfeld worked his way thru traffic and took command of the race for the win followed by Schumann with current DRP point leader Tim Schendel coming home third, Potter fourth and Dalton Zehr rounded out the top five. Heat Wins went to Landry Potter and Corey Jankowski with Alex Prunty picking up the Blystone's Towing and Recovery Dash and Dalton Zehr set fast time for the evening with a mark of 13.623

Super Late Models - Feature A
1- 44L Mike Lichtfeld
2- 54 Rich Schumann Jr.
3- 21 Tim Schendel
4- 22P Landry Potter ...
5- 19Z Dalton Zehr
6- 31J Cory Jankowski
7- 34 Brandon Hill
8- 87 Collin Reffner
9- 13 Mike Breiner
10- 18N Frank Nitzke
11- 17 Mark Simonsen
12- 88 Ken Jacoby
13- 11P Alex Prunty
14- 25 Jeff Storm
15 11K Bobby Kendall
16- 7 Dave Gawronski
17- 32L Steve Lichtfeld

Super Late Models - Heat 2
1- 31J Cory Jankowski
2- 34 Brandon Hill
3- 54 Rich Schumann Jr.
4- 13 Mike Breiner
5- 18N Frank Nitzke
6- 7 Dave Gawronski
7- 32L Steve Lichtfeld
8- 17 Mark Simonsen
9- 88 Ken Jacoby

Super Late Models - Heat 1
1- 22P Landry Potter
2- 11P Alex Prunty
3- 21 Tim Schendel
4- 11K Bobby Kendall
5- 44L Mike Lichtfeld
6- 25 Jeff Storm
7- 19Z Dalton Zehr
8- 87 Collin Reffner

Super Late Models - Trophy Dash
1- 11P Alex Prunty
2- 11K Bobby Kendall
3- 21 Tim Schendel
4- 44L Mike Lichtfeld
5- 19Z Dalton Zehr
6- 25 Jeff Storm

Monday, July 20, 2015

Alex Nets 4th Win on the Season, Extending Slinger Points Lead to 50!

Story By: Dan Margetta

Alex Prunty captured the victory in the 40-lap late model feature after taking the lead just past the half way mark.

Dan Jung paced the opening laps over Brian Holtz, Corey Funk, Grant Griesbach, and Kyle Chwala while Alex Prunty, Jordan DeVoy, Al Stippich and Mike Held battled close behind them. Funk and Griesbach tangled entering turn three on lap two triggering an incident that sent Funk’s and Chwala’s cars to the pits for repairs and retired Griesbach’s machine with extensive damage. Jung maintained the lead as racing resumed while Prunty, Held, and DeVoy began to work their way forward. Jung turned back many challenges until lap 21 when Prunty finally was able to work his way by to take command of the race, leaving Jung to battle intensely with Held for second. An incident between R.J. Braun and Brittiny Helmers in turn four on lap 34 drew the second caution flag of the event with Prunty leading over Jung, Held, and DeVoy. Prunty was able to keep the lead as the green flag appeared while Held and Jung resumed their battle for second. Another caution flag for a single car spin in turn four waved with just three laps to go, setting up a sprint to the finish between Prunty, Jung, and Held. On the restart, Held was able to move into second place behind Prunty and as he made a bid for the lead, he made contact with Prunty’s car in turn two, sending the leader spinning down the backstretch as the caution waved again. Held took responsibility for the incident and tapped his roof which allowed Prunty to keep his lead position. Prunty was up to the challenge and he held off Jung in the final laps to score the victory. Jordan DeVoy finished third followed by Al Stippich and Brian Holtz.

Alex Matches Best Career SLM Finish of 3rd in Back to Back Races at DRP with TUNDRA SLM Series!

By Zach Onan
WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. (July 18, 2015) – “He made one mistake, he went high in turns one and two and I got underneath him and I was just trying to be smooth and stay calm and I was able to make the pass” said Ty Majeski on his battle for the lead with Dalton Zehr.

At the site of his first Late Model victory, Ty Majeski did it again Saturday night, earning a second straight TUNDRA Super Late Model Series victory at Dells Raceway Park, the birthplace of TUNDRA in Round Four Powered by Wisconsin Potatoes.

Things got off to rocky start coming out of turn two on lap five. At least nine cars were involved in some fashion. Performance Diesel Fast Qualifier Brian Hakala was involved and left on the hook as well as Dan Lensing, Maxwell Schultz and Bobby Kendall who all sustained major damage. All drivers were physically okay after the incident.

Following a red flag for cleanup, which also included a water break for drivers on a day where temperatures hung around ninety degrees, the green flag flew again to begin the 70 laps that remained. The front row for the restart remained the same as the original start five laps earlier with Deans Satellite and Security Rookie of the Year contender Cole Anderson on the inside and defending TUNDRA champion Dalton Zehr to his outside.

Cole Anderson made fairly quick work of Zehr who quickly was under pressure from Majeski for second. Meanwhile, Alex Prunty made his way into fifth past Rich Schumann Jr. and began to track down Ryan Farrell for the fourth position.

Fifteen laps into the race Majeski got to the back bumper of Anderson and began to pressure for the lead. Zehr got back to Majeski’s bumper and the top three ran nose to tail as they checked out from the rest of the field. Prunty made the pass on Farrell via the inside line and began to track down the top three as Anderson, Majeski and Zehr seemed to be content riding nose to tail for the time being.

Majeski began to work Cole Anderson for the top spot at lap 35. As the battle up front intensified with Majeski trying to find a hole on the inside, a few more cars joined the scrum at the front. Michael Sauter, Ryan Farrell and Mike Lichtfeld made it a seven car train at the front all nose to tail. Lichtfeld, who caught a piece of the incident on lap five and sustained some right front damage, seemed to have a very strong car making passes on the inside and outside as he battled back to the front after the early red flag. Lichtfeld worked past Sauter for sixth position with 28 laps to go and then got by Farrell for fifth the following lap.

The top four of Anderson, Majeski, Zehr and Prunty again began to pull away. With 25 laps remaining Majeski took a look inside Anderson and made very slight contact which allowed Dalton Zehr to get to Majeski’s outside and shortly thereafter cleared Majeski and started to work to Anderson’s outside. Zehr nosed ahead to lead lap 51 by a nose. Lap 53 rolled around and Zehr was able to clear Anderson as Majeski was next to try Anderson from the outside.

With Zehr trying to pull away, Majeski knew he had to make quick work of Anderson to have a shot at Zehr. With 19 laps to go Majeski was able to clear Anderson. Zehr had built up a half-a-dozen car length lead on Majeski, but he wasn’t going to quit.

Shortly after Majeski cleared Anderson, Prunty snuck by for third followed by Lichtfeld gaining the fourth position.

With ten laps to go it was obvious that Majeski was gaining ground on the leader. The next lap he was a half of a car length off Zehr’s bumper. With eight laps to go Majeski took a look inside Zehr in turns one and two. The leaders battled side by side for two laps with Majeski finally prevailing on the inside line and began to run away. Zehr was left to fend off Alex Prunty for second as Ty Majeski ran off to win his second straight Dells Raceway Park TUNDRA feature event. Zehr was able to keep Prunty at bay to record a second place finish and Prunty, in his first TUNDRA start, finished third followed by Mike Lichtfeld.

Tundra Super Late Models - Feature Results 7-18-15
1- 91 Ty Majeski 
2- 19Z Dalton Zehr 
3- 11P Alex Prunty 
4- 44L Mike Lichtfeld ...
5- 97 Cole Anderson 
6- 89 Ryan Farrell 
7- 44E Mike Egan 
8- 45 Jim Sauter Jr. 
9- 1 Micheal Sauter 
10- 7 Kelsey Dassow 
11- 18I Jordan Ives 
12- 40 Jeremy Lepak 
13- 31W Wyatt Brooks 
14- 54 Rich Schumann Jr. 
15- 11K Bobby Kendall 
16- 19L Dan Lensing
17- 32L Steve Lichtfeld 
18- 42 Brian Hakala 
19- 33 Reagan May 
20- 34 Maxwell Schultz 
21- 78 Wyatt Blashe 
22- 31J Cory Jankowski 

Tundra - Heat 2 Winner
1- Micheal Sauter 

Tundra - Heat 1 Winner
97- Cole Anderson 

Tundra Trophy Dash Winner
91- Ty Majeski

TUNDRA Super Late Models - Qualify 7-18-15
1- 42 Brian Hakala 13.454
2- 19L Dan Lensing 13.461
3- 44L Mike Lichtfeld 13.514
4- 11K Bobby Kendall 13.516
5- 91 Ty Majeski 13.557
6- 11P Alex Prunty 13.566
7- 45 Jim Sauter Jr. 13.581
8- 54 Rich Schumann Jr. 13.603
9- 19Z Dalton Zehr 13.604
10- 97 Cole Anderson 13.631
11- 32L Steve Lichtfeld 13.632
12- 44E Mike Egan 13.675
13- 40 Jeremy Lepak 13.687
14- 89 Ryan Farrell 13.692
15- 33 Reagan May 13.716
16- 34 Maxwell Schultz 13.761
17- 31W Wyatt Brooks 13.808
18- 1 Micheal Sauter 13.820
19- 78 Wyatt Blashe 13.835
20- 7 Kelsey Dassow 13.867
21- 31J Cory Jankowski 13.944
22- 18I Jordan Ives 13.976

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Alex Settles For 2nd, Regains Championship Point Lead!

Jack Stern and Kyle Chwala swapped the lead in the opening laps before Chwala was able to edge ahead from the outside while behind them, Ricky Heinan, Alex Papini, Jordan DeVoy, and Alex Prunty all raced hard for position. A spin off the backstretch by Shaun Scheel while racing in traffic produced the caution flag on lap 13 with Chwala leading over Stern. The top three chose the inside lane for the restart while Papini took to the top side and the move paid off as he eased into the lead just before the caution waved again as Jerry Mueller’s car spun off turn two. Papini chose the inside groove for the restart and he maintained the lead as racing resumed while Chwala struggled on the high side allowing Stern to move by for second. Heinan, Prunty, and Mike Held also took advantage of Chwala’s high side struggles and they advanced forward from the inner groove. A few laps later, Prunty worked his way around Heinan for third and began to set his sights on Papini and Stern out front. Prunty also passed Stern for second on the inside shortly thereafter as Papini enjoyed a sizeable lead. The caution waved again on lap 31 and erased Papini’s lead as Grant Griesbach and Tyler Schley tangled in turn four. Papini and Prunty started side by side for the restart and Papini was able to hold onto the lead while behind them Chwala’s struggles in the high lane continued and his car slowed, bunching up the field and the ensuing incident heavily damaged the cars of Mike Held and Stephen Scheel as the caution waved again. Papini held the point on the single file restart but he was unable to get away from Prunty as the two prepared to settle the race amongst the two of them. Prunty closed to Papini’s rear bumper but was unable to make a bid for the lead as Papini drove to the victory. Corey Funk sliced his way forward late in the event to finish a strong third just ahead of Ricky Heinan and Jack Stern in fourth and fifth respectively.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Alex Picks Up 1st Career Super Late Model Fast Time in 5th Career Start, Finished Strong 3rd in Feature at Dells Raceway Park

 Jeff Storm from Waterford WI, won the 1st annual Marlin Walbeck Classic Saturday night at Dells Raceway Park. Ben Pettis and Mike Lichtfeld brought the field to green with Lichtfeld taking the early lead followed by Landry Potter and John Deangelis Jr. in hot pursuit. A early caution bunched the field again but Lichtfeld was up to the challenge and set sail while eventual winner Jeff Storm started working his way th...rough the field. At the half way break it was Lichtfeld leading the pack and picking up the bonus cash of $300 for being the mid-race leader. After the pit stop Lichtfeld ran into a mechanical issue an could not restart the second half which gave way to Storm as he had patiently worked his way up to second. It was current DRP and CWRA point leader Tim Schendal who kept Storm busy through out the second half of the event, but Storm would not be denied and held on to win the prestigious event with Schendal coming in second, fast qualifier Alex Prunty finished third, Wisconsin Rapids Mark Eswein took fouth and Bobby Kendall fifth. Trophy Dash winner was Kendall. Heat race winners were Ken Jacoby, Mark Eswein, and Travis Volm, and the B-main was won by Collin Reffner. DRP Would like to Thank the Walbeck Family and CWRA for helping put on the first annual Marlin Walbeck Memorial along with all the fans, drivers and race teams who made the night a success.

Wisconsin Dells WI, 6/27/15
Marlin Walbeck Memorial
1 25 Jeff Storm
2 21 Tim Schendel
3 11P Alex Prunty
4 71E Mark Eswein
5 11 Bobby Kendall
6 22P Landry Potter
7 31J Cory Jankowski
8 97 Cole Anderson
9 22 Ben Pettis
10 7 John DeAngelis
11 23 Ryan Hinner
12 87 Collin Reffner
13 32L Steve Lichtfeld
14 54 Chad Devine
15 88J Ken Jacoby
16 44L Mike Lichtfeld
17 18N Frank Nitzke
18 45 Erin Schlough
19 711 Travis Volm

Heat#1 Ken Jacoby Even Heat:Travis Volm Odd Heat: Mark Eswein Dash: Bobby Kendall B-Main: Collin Reffner

Jacoby Waterproofing Super Late Model Qualifying
1 11P Alex Prunty 13.626
2 21 Tim Schendel 13.666
3 7 John DeAngelis 13.668
4 11 Bobby Kendall 13.676
5 25 Jeff Storm 13.684
6 22P Landry Potter 13.699
7 97 Cole Anderson 13.704
8 44L Mike Lichtfeld 13.765
9 22BP Ben Pettis 13.805
10 45 Erin Schlough 13.838
11 23 Ryan Hinner 13.861
12 31J Cory Jankowski 13.901
13 71E Mark Eswine 13.914
14 711 Travis Volm 13.962
15 3 Jeff Weinfurter 13.977
16 18N Frank Nitzke 14.010
17 87 Collin Reffner 14.055
18 13 Mike Breiner 14.159
19 32L Steve Lichtfeld 14.196
20 88J Ken Jacoby 14.258
21 54 Chad Devine 14.423
22 13 Cody Smiley 14.519
23 33 Bernie Fritz 15.054
24 85 Kirby Kirth DNS