Monday, June 25, 2012

Alex Wins his 2nd Feature of the Season! Recap by Dan Margetta 6/24/12

Alex Prunty took the lead on lap 23 and drove to the victory in the 40-lap late model main event.

Jerry Mueller charged out to the early lead as Pat McIntee and David McCardle raced for second with Jon DeAngelis and Alex Prunty side by side behind them. McCardle drifted slightly on the outside which allowed McIntee, DeAngelis, and Dan Church to get by as Ryan DeStefano pulled alongside McCardle. As DeStefano and McCardle entered turn three side by side, they closed quickly on Church’s car and when DeStefano tried to avoid hitting Church’s car, he moved up which sent McCardle’s car hard into the wall to draw a caution flag. DeStefano restarted from the rear of the field as Mueller and McIntee led the field back to the green flag. The outside lane was not the place to be for McIntee and both DeAngelis and Prunty worked their way by on the inside for second and third respectively while Mueller maintained the lead.

Al Stippich also tried to race to the inside of McIntee and as they raced for position, both cars spun in turn one and the caution flag waved for a second time. Mueller held the lead on the restart as Prunty worked the inside line to take second place away from DeAngelis, who kept the third position by fending off DeStefano and Justin Poenitsch. With Mueller leading, DeStefano used the inside line to pass DeAngelis for third, bringing Braison Bennett along with him into fourth, moving DeAngelis to fifth. DeStefano then went to work on Prunty for second place but as they closed in on Mueller for the lead, Prunty took to the outside lane and made a bid for the top spot. Prunty was able to take the lead from the outside and when contact between Mueller and DeStefano briefly held up the field, Prunty opened up a sizeable lead. Prunty went unchallenged the rest of the way and captured the victory while Mueller held off DeStefano for second as Braison Bennett and Al Stippich rounded out the top five.

Thunder Stock Winner Tyler SchleyJerry Mueller was the winner of the late model fast dash and Alex Prunty was the fastest qualifier at 12.468 seconds.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Race Recap at the Slinger Speedway 6-17-12 : By Dan Margetta

Ryan DeStefano scored the win in the 35-lap late model feature for the second week in a row, holding off Dan Church for the victory.

Justin Poenitsch and Dave McCardle led the field to the green and McCardle raced into the early lead from the outside as Poenitsch fell in line for second just ahead of Alex Prunty and DeStefano. Prunty worked his way around Poenitsch for second as McCardle continued to lead as Dan Church, Braison Bennett, and Pat McIntee also passed Poenitsch who began to fall back on the outside along with DeStefano who was also caught on the high side. Meanwhile back up front, Prunty caught McCardle and after a few checks to the inside, took to the outside lane in a bid for the top spot. McCardle and Prunty raced several laps door to door for the top spot.

The damage after the lap 13 spin
McCardle wiggled slightly off turn two on lap 13 which gave Prunty a small run on the outside entering turn three, however as Prunty tried to pull back down to the inside, the nose of McCardle’s car was barely there and the slight contact sent Prunty’s car spinning around where it was struck cosmetically by DeStefano as he tried to skid to a stop. Both Prunty and DeStefano were able to continue as McCardle and Prunty were placed at the rear of the field for their involvement in the caution, leaving Dan Church and Braison Bennett to lead the field back to green with DeStefano and McIntee directly behind them. Bennett and Church batted alongside each other for the lead over the next three circuits with Bennett having a slight advantage over Church from the outside. The handle on Bennett’s outside run went away on lap 16 as the back of his car swung around in turn four, drawing a caution flag and leaving Church as the leader over DeStefano, Poenitsch and McIntee. Church and DeStefano fought for the lead as racing resumed with Church on the inside and DeStefano holding strong on the outside.

On lap 19, Church had difficulty holding his car on the inside and as it walked up the track in turn four, DeStefano took control of the lead as Poenitsch raced by Church and into second. DeStefano maintained the lead in the second half of the race through two more caution periods for minor incidents and in the closing laps, the handling went away on Poenitsch’s car and he exited the track as Prunty and McCardle recovered from their earlier spin to charge back into the top five. DeStefano drove to the win over Church while Prunty worked his way back into third place just ahead of McCardle in fourth. Pat McIntee was fifth.

Justin Poenitsch won the late model fast dash and Braison Bennett was victorious in the heat race. Alex Prunty was the fastest qualifier at 12.440 seconds.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

June 10th's Race Recap - By Dan Margetta

Alex set fast time for the 2nd consecutive week in a row!
Ryan DeStefano scored his first feature win of the season in the 35-lap late model main event, turning back a challenge by Alex Prunty at the finish.

Dan Church and Alex Prunty swapped the lead in the opening laps as the raced alongside each other before Church claimed the lead for himself using the inside lane. Prunty began to fade slightly in the high line as Ryan DeStefano worked his way around for second in the inner groove. Prunty fell in line in third just ahead of Dave McCardle while Justin Poenitsch and Andy Welter raced for fifth. DeStefano was able to close quickly on Church as they entered the corners but Church’s line off the turns enabled him to keep the lead despite DeStefano’s numerous challenges. Behind the top three, Poenitsch raced into fourth place by passing McCardle to the inside as the leaders up front continued to race in single file formation. On lap 19, DeStefano charged wide off turn two and looked to be making an outside groove bid for the lead but as he entered turn three, he quickly dove to the bottom groove and was able to pull alongside Church for the lead. With the preferred inside lane, DeStefano was able to grab the lead and Prunty filled the opening on the inside to take over second as Church moved back in line in third. Prunty made many attempts to challenge DeStefano for the lead on the outside but each time he would come up short while behind the lead duo, Poenitsch charged around Church for third place. With little success with his outside lane bids for the top spot, Prunty moved to DeStefano’s rear bumper looking for a way to route to the inside as the laps clicked away. On the final lap, DeStefano held tightly to the inside line and a final look to the outside in a bid for the win by Prunty came up short as DeStefano raced under the checkered flag for the victory. Prunty finished a close second followed by Poenitsch in third, completing his best race of the season to date. Dave McCardle finished in fourth and Andy Welter crossed the stripe in fifth.

 Dave McCardle won the late model fast dash and Al Stippich took top honors in the late model heat race over Andy Welter and Justin Poenitsch. Adam Peschek finished fourth and Brittiny Helmers was fifth. Alex Prunty was the fastest qualifier after turning in a lap at 12.461 seconds.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Weeks Race Recap ~ By Dan Margetta

Dave McCardle survived an aggressive 35-lap late model feature event to score his first main event victory of the season.


 Justin Poenitsch and Jerry Mueller occupied the front row at the start of the race and Poenitsch edged to the lead as the two made contact entering turn one. Everyone sorted things out cleanly up front as Dave McCardle battled John DeAngelis Jr. for third with Ryan DeStefano close behind. Alex Prunty and Braison Bennett soon joined McCardle, DeAngelis, and DeStefano in the battle for third as up front Mueller dogged Poenitsch for the lead. Mueller ran Poenitsch hard into turn three and when Poenitsch’s car washed wide in turn four, Mueller dove to the inside in a bid for the lead. However, Mueller’s car broke loose upon the exit of turn four which resulted in both he and Poenitsch charging nearly even into turn one for the lead. Poenitsch gained a slight advantage off turn two and he held the lead despite both cars touching numerous times in the corner and down the backstretch.

Mueller made another bid for the lead a lap later and with the leaders racing aggressively for the top spot, DeAngelis was able to take third place as McCardle raced with Alex Prunty and DeStefano over fourth. After several laps of fender rubbing action up front, Poenitsch’s car slid wide in turn four, allowing Mueller to take the lead as DeAngelis, Prunty, and DeStefano all charged by. The top four remained in an intense battle until the caution flag appeared on lap 16 for a spin by Brittiny Helmers in turn two with Mueller leading over DeAngelis, Prunty, and DeStefano. As the green flag appeared, Mueller broke away for the lead on the inside as Prunty raced alongside DeAngelis in a battle for second with DeStefano, Poenitsch, and McCardle all following close behind.

With Mueller continuing to lead, Prunty was able to pass DeAngelis on the inside for second and DeStefano took advantage of the move by also moving to the inside of DeAngelis for third. As DeAngelis tried to move back to the inside lane, he was clipped slightly by Poenitsch which caused DeAngelis to spin in turn four and draw the caution flag on lap 18. Mueller and Prunty lined up at the front of the field for the restart with Mueller leading into turn one. Prunty loosened up Mueller in turn four and made a bid for the lead but when Mueller cut to the inside in an attempt to defend the lead, he made contact with Prunty’s car and slid into the infield as behind the leaders, Dan Church hit the turn one wall hard and collected Andy Welter in the attempt to avoid the mishap causing the yellow flag to appear again. This time for the restart, DeStefano lined up on the outside of Mueller at the front of the field and as racing resumed, Mueller maintained the lead while McCardle worked his way into second with an inside pass on DeStefano. The caution flag appeared for another time on lap 31 when DeAngelis and Andy Wendt tangled in turn two and Adam Peschek and Justin Poenitsch became involved in the incident as well. Mueller again led on the restart but this time McCardle lined up alongside and he was able to make the outside work enough to clear Mueller for the lead.

Once out front, McCardle maintained the lead and drove to the victory over DeStefano, Mueller, and Prunty. Andy Wendt finished fifth.

Andy Welter won the late model heat over Adam Peschek and Al Stippich. Andy Wendt finished fourth and Braison Bennett finished fifth. Jerry Mueller was the winner of the late model fast dash and Alex Prunty was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 12.449 seconds.

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