Monday, July 30, 2012

Alex Finishes 4th, Younger Brother Zach Wins!

Sunday at the Slinger Speedway went well, as Alex won his 1st career fast dash, and followed it up with a 4th place feature finish boosting his points lead to 41 points over Ryan Destefano.

Earlier in the day, Alex's 12 year old brother won his 2nd go-cart feature of the season!

Monday, July 23, 2012

2nd Place Finish Makes for a Good Points Night for APR

By: Dan Margetta ~ See full story at

Casey Johnson took the lead on lap 21 and went on to capture the win in the 35-lap late model main event over Alex Prunty.

Jerry Mueller and Andy Welter led the field to the green flag with Mueller taking the early lead from the inside. The low groove was the place to be early on as Ryan DeStefano and Alex Prunty used it to advance to second and third as Welter dropped to fourth racing on the high side. The first caution flag appeared on lap three when Justin Poenitsch’s car looped around in turn one with Mueller leading over DeStefano and Prunty.

Mueller chose the inside for the restart and as racing resumed, maintained the lead as the caution quickly flew again when DeStefano tried to fill the gap on the inside entering turn three and was tagged by Prunty, sending DeStefano spinning around in turn four and relegating both DeStefano and Prunty to the rear of the field for the restart. Mueller again held the lead as the race went back to green with Welter holding down second just ahead of John DeAngelis and Casey Johnson who raced side by side for third. As Mueller began to ease away from the field, Welter, Johnson and DeAngelis fell in line single file as Braison Bennett joined the front runners while both DeStefano and Prunty began to slice their way forward as well. Johnson used the outside lane to take second from Welter as DeStefano and Prunty first picked off Bennett and went to work on DeAngelis in fourth.
Alex grew his points lead from 9 to 34 points over Ryan Destefano

As Johnson closed on Mueller for the lead, DeStefano and Prunty used the outside groove to pass DeAngelis to move into third and fourth respectively. Johnson tracked down Mueller out front and took to the outside in a bid for the lead, racing side by side for two laps before clearing Mueller for the lead on lap 21. While the leaders were battling, DeStefano and Prunty closed on Welter in third and with Welter racing on the low side, Prunty got the advantage as he used the outside to first pass DeStefano and then Welter to move into third while DeStefano also worked his way around Welter to take over fourth. With Johnson extending his lead, Prunty tracked down Mueller and following a spirited battle, used the outside to grab second, leaving Mueller and DeStefano to dispute third. Johnson would not be denied in the closing laps and he drove to the victory over Prunty while Mueller held off DeStefano for third as the two made contact at the strip, sending Mueller’s car hard into the turn one wall and damaging the front of DeStefano’s machine. Andy Welter finished in fifth.

Jerry Mueller won the late model fast dash while Braison Bennett scored the victory in the late model heat race over Justin Poenitsch and Andy Welter. Alex Prunty was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 12.409 seconds

Monday, July 16, 2012

With Back to Back Wins, Prunty Gets 4th Win of the Year!

On Track Ceremonies for Fast Time
By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., July 15

Alex Prunty drove to victory lane for the second consecutive week in the 35-lap late model feature after taking advantage of the outside groove to lead the final 15 laps en route to the victory over Braison Bennett.

Dan Church and Braison Bennett shared the front row at the start of the event and they raced side by side for the lead in the opening laps as Jon DeAngelis, Ryan DeStefano, and Alex Prunty raced for position behind them. Church prevailed from the inside on lap four and took command of the race, leaving Bennett to battle with DeAngelis for second as Prunty and DeStefano looked on from fourth and fifth respectively. Bennett maintained the second position and began to close on Church for another bid at the lead as behind them, Prunty took to the outside to pass DeAngelis for third. Bennett tried to turn under Church a few times for the lead, but each time his car would get loose off the corners, allowing Prunty and DeAngelis to close while Al Stippich moved into the top five after working his way by DeStefano. Seeing the inside moves were not going to work, Bennett took to the outside lane and drove past Church to lead lap 16.

However, upon entering turn one, the back of Bennett’s car swung around and he nearly spun as he chased the car all the way through turn two. By the time Bennett recovered, both Prunty and DeAngelis charged by into second and third while Church continued to lead out front. Prunty tracked down Church for the lead and wasted no time in moving to the high lane, driving around Church for the lead on lap 20. Prunty began to streak away from the pack as Church held DeAngelis and Bennett at bay while Stippich and DeStefano closed in. With Prunty comfortably out front over Church, Bennett dipped to the inside and passed DeAngelis for third, setting up an intense battle over fourth when Stippich tried to close the gap on the inside and moved alongside DeAngelis. Stippich eventually took over the position with DeAngelis caught on the high side but it was DeStefano who took advantage of the hard racing between them, as he passed both Stippich and DeAngelis with a strong head of steam on the inside just before the caution waved on lap 33 as Church experienced engine problems and retired from the race in a cloud of smoke. Prunty and Bennett lined up side by side for the final two lap shootout and while Bennett held tough in the high lane for a lap, he couldn’t catch Prunty who drove to the victory. Bennett barely edged DeStefano for second while Stippich and DeAngelis completed the top five finishers.

Braison Bennett won the late model fast dash and Alex Prunty was the division’s fastest qualifier after circling the speedway in 12.519 seconds.

Monday, July 9, 2012


 King of the High Banks Late Model Winner Alex Prunty

By Dan Margetta

Slinger, Wis., July 8- Alex Prunty claimed top honors in the King of the Highbanks 60-lap late model feature while Mike Egan held off Dennis Prunty to score his first super late model feature victory of the season in the Netwurx 50 Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.

“This feels good, “Prunty exclaimed from victory lane after turning back a strong challenge from Zack Riddle before taking the win over Gregg Pawelski and John DeAngelis Jr., “Zack Riddle had one of the fastest cars out there and I gave him the outside…he didn’t want the outside but he wasn’t getting the inside from me.”

Al Stippich led the opening circuits of the 60-lap late model feature while the rest of the field raced in two-by-two formation behind him with Ryan DeStefano, Dan Church, Gregg Pawelski, and Braison Bennett rounding out the top five. Behind them, Alex Prunty, Zack Riddle, and John DeAngelis battled for sixth all within striking distance of the lead. With Stippich still out front, the inside lane advanced forward as Church and Bennett found themselves caught on the outside as DeStefano, Pawelski, Prunty, DeAngelis, and Riddle all passed by on the inside. DeStefano made a bid for the lead to the inside of Stippich on lap eight and took the top spot a lap later while Prunty challenged for Stippich for second, moving alongside just before the caution flag flew for Nick Wendt’s car which slowed after a minor tangle with Rich Hinerichsen on lap ten.
King of the High Banks Late Model Action 0 Destefano 11 Prunty
Alex Takes the lead on the outside of Ryan Destefano

DeStefano chose the inside lane for the restart and as racing resumed, maintained the lead while Stippich held tough on the outside for two laps before Prunty and DeAngelis were able to race to the inside to take second and third respectively as Stippich lost ground on the high side. Bennett and Riddle also moved into fourth and fifth as Stippich looked for room on the inside with Pawelski caught on the outside as well directly behind him. Meanwhile, up front, Prunty made a quick bid for the lead on the inside of DeStefano and when that move was blocked, took to the top side to draw even with DeStefano for the top spot. Prunty and DeStefano raced door to door for the lead for three laps before Prunty was able to power ahead off turn four on lap 19 while DeAngelis and Riddle worked their way into third and fourth with Bennett holding off Stippich for fifth.

As Prunty continued to lead over DeStefano, Riddle was able to sneak the nose of this car under DeAngelis’ left rear fender and edge into third place just before the second caution flag waved on lap 26 for a tangle in turn four involving Adam Peschek and Rob Myers. Prunty was able to power to the lead over DeStefano and Riddle on the restart as Bennett and DeAngelis raced over fourth place with Pawelski and Andy Wendt close behind. Bennett and Pawelski both worked the low line to pass DeAngelis who finally found an opening down low to slot in sixth just ahead of Wendt with Prunty still leading over DeStefano. As Prunty began to ease away slightly, Riddle was able to turn to the inside of DeStefano to take second which opened the door for Bennett to move into third as DeStefano found himself in a side by side battle with Pawelski over fourth. Pawelski eventually took the fourth position a few laps later as the leaders settled down in single file order with Prunty enjoying a comfortable margin over Riddle, Bennett, Pawelski, and DeStefano. Stippich momentarily lost control of his car off turn four on lap 50 and slid toward the infield which drew the caution flag when he attempted to rejoin the race in turn one, erasing Prunty’s advantage over Riddle and Bennett. Prunty used the inside lane to pull ahead of Riddle for the lead on the restart but Riddle remained in Prunty’s tire tracks, making Prunty aware of his presence with a few taps on the left rear corner of Prunty’s bumper. Pawelski held the third spot as the caution waved once again on lap 51 when Bennett spun in turn four while racing over fourth with DeStefano, relegating both cars to the rear for the restart and moving Andy Wendt and DeAngelis into the top five. Riddle worked the outside and kept even with Prunty for a few laps after the race went back to green but Prunty proved to be too strong on the inside as he once again drove to the lead. Pawelski and DeAngelis took advantage of Riddle’s plight on the outside and both drove around in the low groove to move into second and third, leaving Riddle to battle with Wendt and Mike Lichtfield over fourth.

Prunty turned back all challenges in the final laps and he drove to the victory over Pawelski and DeAngelis while Lichtfield muscled his way past Riddle in the closing circuits to finish fourth.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Alex Finishes a Close 2nd at the Miller Lite Nationals

By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., July 1

Braison Bennett edged fast qualifier, Alex Prunty in an extremely close finish to win the 40-lap late model feature to capture his second Slinger main event victory of the season. Behind Bennett and Prunty’s battle to the checkered flag, Ryan DeStefano finished third while Casey Johnson and Nick Wendt rounded out the top five finishers.

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