Monday, August 19, 2013

A Win Finally Comes, as Alex & Company Break Long Drought!

By Dan Margetta
Alex Prunty ended a two month victory drought by holding off Mike Lichtfeld to win the 40-lap late model feature.
Jack Stern used the outside lane to lead the early laps before Lichtfeld took over the top spot with an aggressive pass in turn one. After Lichtfeld took the lead, Stern tried to make the high line work but despite being persistent, he gradually faded to fifth as Ryan DeStefano, Dan Church, and Alex Prunty all raced by on the inside. While the top two remained steady, Prunty used the high lane to grab third from Church while Adam Peschek entered the top five in fifth. A hard lick into the turn three wall by Tim Lange drew the first caution flag on lap 29 and as the field lined up for the restart, Prunty took advantage of the cone as he chose to test the outside and lined up next to Lichtfeld who continued to lead. As racing resumed, Lichtfeld and Prunty fiercely battled for the lead, trading paint on some laps before the caution flag waved again on lap 31 when John DeAngelis hit the turn three wall following some hard racing with Jerry Mueller. Just after the caution was shown, Bennett looped his car in turn four and the ensuing traffic jam damaged the cars of Tyler Schley, Jack Stern, and Justin Poenitsch. Lichtfeld and Prunty renewed their battle for the lead on the restart with Lichtfeld in the low lane and Prunty working the top. Lichtfeld’s car kicked loose slightly entering turn one which in turn twitched Prunty’s car loose as well as both drivers maintained control but behind them, Dan Church’s car washed loose after he attempted to allow Lichtfeld and Prunty to save their cars. As Church tried to straighten his car, contact was made with Braison Bennett and Bennett’s car momentarily ramped over Church’s machine as he tried to pass by on the inside. The result was Bennett’s car sliding through the infield and the caution flag waved as cars scattered behind him. Officials deemed the situation was set up by incidental contact between the lead cars and all drivers maintained their positions for the restart. This time Prunty, as the leader, chose the inside line and left Lichtfeld to take the outside groove. The decision paid off as Prunty was able to charge into the lead and hold off Lichtfeld over the final four laps and secure the victory. Lichtfeld finished in second while Ryan DeStefano took the checkered flag in third. Braison Bennett and Adam Peschek rounded out the top five in fourth and fifth respectively.

Ryan Farrell and Mike Lichtfeld were the winner of the late model heat races while Alex Prunty set fast time with a lap of 12.632 seconds.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Alex Delivers Special Father's Day Present to his Dad!

Story By Dan Margetta

Alex Prunty changed his traditional #11 to #39, the number his father Dan competed with at the speedway, and drove the special Father’s Day scheme to the victory in the 40-lap late model main event.

Al Stippich and Bill Prietzel led the field to the green flag and they raced alongside each other for two laps before Stippich’s car washed wide off turn four, carrying Prietzel’s machine with it and opening the door for Alex Prunty to charge to the lead on the inside. Mike Lichtfeld, Ryan DeStefano, and John DeAngelis also used the inside lane to advance around Stippich and Prietzel. Prunty maintained the lead while Lichtfeld tried to close the gap from second as DeStefano and DeAngelis were close behind in third and fourth when the caution flag waved on lap eleven as Prietzel and Ryan Farrell locked wheels in turn four and spun around. Prunty took the inside for the restart with Lichtfeld taking the high line and as racing resumed, Prunty darted to the lead as Litchtfeld battled with DeStefano over second. Lichtfeld eventually was able to claim second from DeStefano as Prunty increased his lead on the field. Prunty could not be caught in the closing laps and he drove to the victory over Lichtfeld and DeStefano while Dan Church and Braison Bennett rounded out the top five in fourth and fifth respectively.

Alex Prunty and John DeAngelis each scored late model heat race wins while Dan Church set fast time at 12.673 seconds.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Early Incident Brings 6th Place Finish

Story By: Dan Margetta

Mike Lichtfeld scored his first late model win of the season in their 40-lap main event.

Pole sitter Steven Schulz got the jump over front row mate Danny Church and paced the field in the early going. Behind them Adam Peschek and John DeAngelis race side-by-side while Ryan Farrell and Alex Prunty did the same. Prunty cracked the top five by muscling past DeAngelis on lap nine. Behind Schulz, Farrell made a charge past Peschek and moved alongside his teammate Church in a battle for second.

Alex Prunty and Peschek brought out the first caution for their part in a lap 16 spin in turn two. Schulz and Farrell thrilled the crowd on the restart as the pair raced door to door for the lead for six laps before Farrell took command. Farrell had the race in hand when he slowed with a mechanical woe on lap 36. His troubles stacked the field behind him, scattering Schulz, Justin Poenitsch and Braison Bennett. Farrell was forced to retire, handing the lead to Lichtfeld.

Lichtfeld pulled away over the final four laps. Jerry Mueller finished second after starting tenth. Last week’s feature winner Ryan DeStefano finished third with Brad Dahmer and DeAngelis completing the top five.

Braison Bennett and Lichtfeld scored late model heat wins. Defending track champion Alex Prunty was the fast qualifier with a time of 12.510 seconds (71.942 mph).

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Strong 3rd Place Finish Makes Solid Points Night

Story by Dan Margetta

Ryan DeStefano won the 40-lap late model feature over Dan Church in another green-white-checkered finish. DeStefano and Adam Peschek raced side by side for the lead with Church, Alex Prunty, and John DeAngelis all in two by two formation behind them for most of the race until Peschek looped his car while trying to outgun DeStefano into turn three with two laps to go. DeStefano then held off Church for the final two laps to take the victory as Alex Prunty edged John DeAngelis for third. Steven Schulz finished fifth.

Tim Lange and Steven Schulz each scored victories in the late model heat races while Alex Prunty set fast time with a lap of 12.635 seconds.

The view of the closing laps

Monday, May 6, 2013

2nd Place Finish Keeps Alex on Top of Point Standings!

Story By: Dan Margetta

Dan Jung used the inside groove to grab the lead early and then turned back a late charge by Alex Prunty to win the 40-lap late model feature. Prunty tried to use the outside groove to get a run on the leader following the only caution flag of the race on lap 27, but fell short in his bid as Jung proved to be too strong, taking the checkered flag for his first feature win of the season. Prunty held off a strong charge by John DeAngelis to finish second, leaving DeAngelis to settle for a close third. Ryan DeStefano crossed the finish line in fourth place and Braison Bennett was fifth.

Pat McIntee won the first late model heat race over Dan Jung and Al Stippich while Dan Church held off Ryan Farrell and John DeAngelis to win the second late model heat race.

Alex Prunty set fast time with a lap of 12.522 seconds.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Alex Takes Slinger Speedway Opener Win!

Prunty Takes Terrible Car 3-Wide To Victory Lane At Slinger

Written By: Gregg Paul

Photo By: Mike Esser
The 2012 season for Alex Prunty was a relative easy one in his mind. Prunty scored four wins and eleven fast times en route to capturing the season championship in the Late Model Division at the Slinger Super Speedway. He only had one finish outside of the top five all season long.
Fast forward to 2013 and the season opener, and for most of the day it looked like Prunty would be as far removed from Victory Lane as you can imagine. Yet when the checkered flag fell it would be Prunty once again in the spotlight, especially after a daring three wide pass for the lead just a few laps from the finish.

“It was by far the hardest race I had to work for to get this one,” said Prunty. “All last year the car was great. I could do whatever I wanted with the car. The Goodyear tires were so awesome to run on because they never changed. With this tire (Hoosier) we’ve been working on this car left and right and taking huge swings with it. We qualified 7th and that was all I had. The car was terrible.”

Prunty’s car may have been terrible at the start, but one lap into the race he would take advantage of the cone rule at Slinger and pick up several spots

The cone would come out thanks to a first lap crash in turn three. Justin Poenitsch slammed into the turn three wall and the field would accordion behind him. Several other cars checked up and spun in the melee and suffered what appeared to be only minor damage. Poenitsch was done for the day however.

Mike Lichtfeld, Dan Jung, and Alex Prunty took the outside lane at the cone and moved into the top five. Lichtfeld would get the jump as the green flag flew and Jung would follow close on the rear bumper. Ryan Farrell would slip back to third, while Alex Prunty battle Pat McIntee for fourth.

Lichtfeld and Jung began to pull away from Farrell, while Ryan DeStefano started a side by side battle with Prunty that saw the duo rubbing through the corners.

The yellow would come out again on lap 16 when Brittiny Helmers spun coming off of turn two. No damage done, and she would be able to continue.

Jung and Prunty once again took to the outside when the cone appeared, and were joined by John DeAngelis, Brad Dahmer, and Jesse Bernhagen.  Lichtfeld would take off when the green came out, but the field would be slowed a lap later.

Ryan Farrell brought out the yellow with a flat right front tire that bottled up the field behind him.

This time it would be Jung, DeStefano, Danny Church, and Bernhagen that took to the outside with the cone, although Lichtfeld would get out to the lead once again. Initially he couldn’t shake Jung off his rear bumper, but ever so slowly he began to stretch out his lead. That lead would become 3-5 car lengths before disaster was almost imminent.

There is an adage in racing that a car tends to run its best and fastest right before it blows up. Perhaps that was true for Mike Lichtfeld as suddenly on lap 29 his car showed the tell tale signs of dropping a cylinder. Yet that didn’t seem to deter Lichtfeld, as he continued to somehow stay in front for several laps.

Dan Jung smelled the blood in the water as he moved in closer to Lichtfeld. On lap 33 Jung would get under Lichtfeld for the lead and bring Prunty along into second. However, Lichtfeld would not let one ailing cylinder stop him from racing hard. The trio continued to battle for the lead as the laps wound down.

With Jung on the high side and Lichtfeld in the middle, Prunty made a bold move to the deep inside coming off of turn four going three wide and grabbed the lead. Prunty would clear Jung a lap later and narrowly held on for the win. Lichtfeld and his sick motor managed to squeak past Jung at the line to finish second. Danny Church and Ryan DeStefano rounded out the top five.

Prunty was incredulous that he managed to get the win, and didn’t even realize he had to go three wide to do it.

“To be honest with you I don’t much remember it,” said Prunty. “I remember seeing Lichtfeld slide up the track and I shot the gap. I didn’t know even know that I was three wide Dad told me ‘Three wide” coming in the corner. I didn’t know Jung made the move to the outside, so I had no idea. It was just another pass for me, but it ended up working out in the end. All of a sudden we came out of four and I’m clear and move up the track and all of a sudden Dan Jung is there. How did he get there? It was a crazy battle until the end.”

It was a crazy battle indeed, but for Mike Lichtfeld it was more of a story about the one that got away. Especially since he had won two of his three previous races at Slinger.

“It’s a little bittersweet feeling,” said Lichtfeld. “We kind of had a car that was out front and checked out by a couple of car lengths and had a good race with Dan Jung. Then with about 7-8 to go it just went down a cylinder and from there I was just kind of along for the ride and holding on to what we could get. It’s fortunate that we came back for a second place finish, but it could’ve been a lot worse. We could’ve been real blown up and a fifteenth place finish so second ain’t that bad.”

Two wins and two seconds in four races definitely has Lichtfeld excited for this season.

“I’m anxious, I’m really anxious,” said Lichtfeld. “I love this place. I like what Todd (Thelen) and Rodney (Erickson) are doing with it. They’re two owners who are anxious about racing and that’s just motivation for the drivers to get out here and support these guys that are anxious for the racing and looking to treat the drivers fairly.”

Results of the Late Model 40
1.      11 Alex Prunty
2.      44 Mike Lichtfeld
3.      68 Dan Jung
4.      9C Danny Church
5.         0 Ryan DeStefano
6.      39 Tim Sargent
7.      35 Pat McIntee
8.      49 Jerry Mueller
9.      66 Al Stippich
10.  13 Brittiny Helmers
11.  89 Ryan Farrell
12.  28 Jesse Bernhagen
13.   7 John DeAngelis
14.  45 Brad Dahmer
15.  9B Braison Bennett
16.  87 Justin Poenitsch
17.  46 Ryan Miles
18.  66 Adam Peschek

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Season's About to Begin!

This weekend is the opening race of the season at the Slinger Speedway for Alex! Qualifying is at noon, with racing to follow at 2pm on Sunday!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

APR Welcomes Back Moraine Park Technical College as the Primary Sponsor!

For more information on Moraine Park Technical College, please visit their website:

Campus locations are Fond du Lac, West Bend, and Beaver Dam!

Thursday, February 7, 2013