Monday, August 25, 2014

Good Weekend in Dells!

We had a great weekend racing in the Dells! We unloaded fast, and that's  one heck of an accomplishment, being that it's only the 3rd time I've ever raced there! We qualified 3rd, and ended up winning the fast dash for cash! With that, we started 6th in the feature, and battled the 2nd place qualifier side by side in the outside groove for 25 laps after the drop of the green flag. As the intense battle ended with us prevailing, we were able to run down several cars in front of us, but ran out of time as the checkered flag waved with us in the 4th position.

With as much fun and excitement the trip to the Dells brought, we have decided to go back and try again this weekend to get a win away from Slinger. Sunday morning we will convert the car back over to our Slinger set up and race Sunday night as well! Going to be a fun busy weekend!