Monday, May 18, 2015

Double Duty Weekend Ends with a BIG WIN in the Alan Kulwicki Memorial Race in Slinger!

Story by: Dan Margetta

Alex Prunty drove to victory in the 40-lap late model feature event, leading the final 23 laps to take the checkered flag.

Tyler Schley and Kyle Chwala brought the field to the green flag and Schley drove to the early lead from the inside groove as Ricky Heinan, Brian Holtz, and Alex Prunty battled behind the lead duo. Chwala applied heavy pressure to Schley for the lead, trying both the inside and outside grooves to get by which allowed Heinan and Prunty to close in. As the leaders worked lapped traffic, Schley was able to maintain his slight lead over Chwala while Prunty was able to use the traffic to get around Heinan for third. After numerous attempts to take the lead from the outside, Chwala’s car lost traction on lap 15 and he spun off turn two and the caution flag waved as Tyler Hromadka’s car spun as well. Schley chose the inside lane for the restart while second place Prunty went to the outside with Heinan and Mike Held lined up in order behind them. Schley was able to hold onto the lead for a single circuit as racing resumed before Prunty powered by on the outside, bringing Held along with him. Heinan also was able to advance around Schley in the waning laps for third, leaving Schley to race with Jordan DeVoy over fourth. Prunty was able to keep Held at bay and he drove to the victory, leaving Held to settle for second. Heinan took the checkered flag in third while an incident between Schley and DeVoy coming to the checkered flag in which DeVoy’s car spun off turn four was under review at the time of this article. DeVoy was scored fourth and Al Stippich fifth with the official results pending.

Late model heat races were won by Grant Griesebach who held off Joe Bongiorno for his first victory in the division and Jerry Mueller who muscled his way around Kyle Chwala on the final lap. Alex Prunty was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 12.203 seconds.