Monday, August 10, 2015

After Leading Majority of Super Late Feature Saturday Night at DRP, Flat Tire Ends Alex' Night

Mike Lichtfeld of Portage WI won the Super Late Model Jacoby Waterproofing Summer Sizzler 60 at Dells Raceway Park Saturday Night. Rich Schumann Jr and Landry Potter brought the field to green for the main event with Potter grabbing the top spot early with Schumann and Alex Prunty of Lomira, WI in hot pursuit. By the mid point of the race it was Prunty to the lead followed by Schumann with Potter fading to third and Lichtfeld now joining the mix, by lap 38 Lichfeld worked his way thru traffic and took command of the race for the win followed by Schumann with current DRP point leader Tim Schendel coming home third, Potter fourth and Dalton Zehr rounded out the top five. Heat Wins went to Landry Potter and Corey Jankowski with Alex Prunty picking up the Blystone's Towing and Recovery Dash and Dalton Zehr set fast time for the evening with a mark of 13.623

Super Late Models - Feature A
1- 44L Mike Lichtfeld
2- 54 Rich Schumann Jr.
3- 21 Tim Schendel
4- 22P Landry Potter ...
5- 19Z Dalton Zehr
6- 31J Cory Jankowski
7- 34 Brandon Hill
8- 87 Collin Reffner
9- 13 Mike Breiner
10- 18N Frank Nitzke
11- 17 Mark Simonsen
12- 88 Ken Jacoby
13- 11P Alex Prunty
14- 25 Jeff Storm
15 11K Bobby Kendall
16- 7 Dave Gawronski
17- 32L Steve Lichtfeld

Super Late Models - Heat 2
1- 31J Cory Jankowski
2- 34 Brandon Hill
3- 54 Rich Schumann Jr.
4- 13 Mike Breiner
5- 18N Frank Nitzke
6- 7 Dave Gawronski
7- 32L Steve Lichtfeld
8- 17 Mark Simonsen
9- 88 Ken Jacoby

Super Late Models - Heat 1
1- 22P Landry Potter
2- 11P Alex Prunty
3- 21 Tim Schendel
4- 11K Bobby Kendall
5- 44L Mike Lichtfeld
6- 25 Jeff Storm
7- 19Z Dalton Zehr
8- 87 Collin Reffner

Super Late Models - Trophy Dash
1- 11P Alex Prunty
2- 11K Bobby Kendall
3- 21 Tim Schendel
4- 44L Mike Lichtfeld
5- 19Z Dalton Zehr
6- 25 Jeff Storm