Tuesday, September 1, 2015

After Fast Dash Win, Alex Fights back to Finish 7th at DRP with the Super Late

Jeff Storm from Waterford, WI captured his second feature win of the year by winning the Performance Parts Supply 60 Saturday night at Dells Raceway Park in the Jacoby Waterproofing Super Late Model Division. Kenny Reiser from Waukon, IA grabbed the early lead but had immediate pressure from Storm who started just one row behind. Storm filled the mirror of the multi time track champion Reiser and by the double digit lap mark took the lead. The ugly red flag was waved on unlucky lap 13 when Colin Reffner cut a power steering hose coming out of turn two laying oil down in the racing groove which ended the night for Appleton driver Chad Devine and Joel Clossey from Rockford, Reffner too was done for the evening. When racing resumed Storm set sail on a clear track with Resier, Rich Schumann Jr., Tim Schendal and Brian Hakala close behind. On lap 16 Reisers luck ran out as he headed to the pits with a flat LR tire. As the race stayed green Schumann fell victim to mechanical issues on lap 49 and pulled off the speedway. The long green flag run was beneficial to Mike Lichtfeld from Portage, WI as he and fast qualifier Bobby Kendall along with current DRP point leader Schendal picked their way thru the field. In the end Storm held the point and won followed closely by the ever present Lichtfeld with Kendall third followed by Schendel and Hakala rounding out the top five. Heat wins went to Danny Darnell and Lichtfeld, with Alex Prunty taking the Dash and Kendall had fast time.

Super Late Models - Feature A 8-29-15
1- 25 Jeff Storm
2- 44L Mike Lichtfeld
3- 11K Bobby Kendall
4- 21S Tim Schendel
5- 42 Brian Hakala
6- 31J Cory Jankowski
7- 11P Alex Prunty
8- 22P Landry Potter
9- 32K Haley Kapp
10- 17 Mark Simonsen
11- 88 Ken Jacoby
12- 85 Danny Darnell
13- 54S Rich Schumann Jr.
14- 2R Ken Reiser
15- 13B Mike Breiner
16- 87R Colin Reffner
17- 54D Chad Devine
18- 16C Joel Clossey
19- 17J Brian Johnson Jr.

Super Late Models - Heat 2
1- 44L Mike Lichtfeld
2- 2R Ken Reiser
3- 25 Jeff Storm
4- 54 Rich Schumann Jr.
5- 11P Alex Prunty
6- 21S Tim Schendel
7- 87R Colin Reffner
8- 11K Bobby Kendall
9- 42 Brian Hakala
10- 17J Brian Johnson Jr.

Super Late Models - Heat 1
1- 85 Danny Darnell
2- 31J Cory Jankowski
3- 88 Ken Jacoby
4- 32K Haley Kapp
5- 54 Chad Devine
6- 16C Joel Clossey
7- 17 Mark Simonsen
8- 13B Mike Breiner
9- 22P Landry Potter

Super Late Models - Trophy Dash
1- 11P Alex Prunty
2- 42 Brian Hakala
3- 87R Colin Reffner
4- 17J Brian Johnson Jr.
5- 11K Bobby Kendall
6- 21S Tim Schendel

Super Late Models - Qualify
1- 11K Bobby Kendall 13.618
2- 17J Brian Johnson Jr. 13.694
3- 87R Colin Reffner 13.710
4- 21S Tim Schendel 13.722
5- 42 Brian Hakala 13.785
6- 11P Alex Prunty 13.807
7- 25 Jeff Storm 13.833
8- 54 Rich Schumann Jr. 13.842
9- 44L Mike Lichtfeld 13.865
10- 2R Ken Reiser 13.963
11- 17 Mark Simonsen 13.972
12- 22P Landry Potter 13.995
13- 32K Haley Kapp 14.028
14- 13B Mike Breiner 14.075
15- 31J Cory Jankowski 14.093
16- 54 Chad Devine 14.201
17- 88 Ken Jacoby 14.360
18- 16C Joel Clossey 14.479
19- 85 Danny Darnell 14.569
20- 31 Dale Schultz DNS