Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Alex Finishes 2ND to NASCAR Star Johnny Sauter at Dells Opener!

On Saturday, Alex posted his best career finish at Dells Raceway Park in the Super Late Model Divison, finishing a strong 2nd place to NASCAR Truck Series Star Johnny Sauter!

Race Recap by Dells Raceway Park:

Nascar Truck Series driver Johnny Sauter came home to Dells Raceway Park on his weekend off to where it all began for him and captured his first feature win ever at the speedway in the Armed Forces Night Memorial 50. Sauter said in an interview with track announcer Todd Behling afterwards, this feels really good, the Dells is where it all began for me, DRP is the first place where I ever wheeled a race car and I never won a feature here before tonight. Earlier in the evening Sauter won the Assembly Products Dash, a 10 car 15 lap positioning race for the feature. Sauter started the race from the fifth row and really hustled the car to the front in a hurry to grap the $500 bonus money put up by CEO of Assembly Products Inc Ed Szelagowski Sr. in honor of Armed Forces Night & All Who Served this Great Country ! Szelagowski said he wanted to create a new level of excitement for the drivers and fans in a short race where you have to go now and it was a pleasure to see such a fantastic race and an honor to write the check to such a hard charger as Johnny Sauter.


With the feature events first five rows set by the finish of the Assembly Products Dash it was time to go racing and the front row had a pair of fives bring the field to green, Johhny Sauter and Jeremy Miller and it was Miller with the early lead. Sauter, who had yet to win a feature event at the place he called home was not going to be denied as nosed his way back to the front and by lap five it was Sauter, Miller, Mark Eswein, Tim Schendel and Alex Prunty. A couple spins brought out the caution near the midway point but on the restarts Sauter looked stong an took command of the race leaving the battle for second by the midway point of the race between Miller, Prunty, John DeAngelis Jr and Schendel. In the end it was Johnny Sauter collecting his first ever feature win at the speedway with Alex Prunty a 2016 Alan Kulwicki Development Driver Candidate finishing a strong second, followed by Jeremy Miller, Tim Schendel and John DeAngelis Jr rounding out the top five. In Earlier events it was Tim Schendel setting fast time with Sauter picking up the Dash and heat winners were Jeff Storm and Brad Kossow. Mike Lichtfeld picked up the B-Main event follwed by Corey Jankowski, Keith Tolf and Mike Breiner all earning transfer spots to the A-Main. Mark Simonsen from Crystal Lake, IL was involved in a very scary crash in the Super Late Model B-Main and Mark was transported UW Madison Hospital where he is stable & resting after surgery for a hole in aorta, broken back & ribs, and a collapsed lung. Please keep Mark in your Prayers for a speedy & complete recovery. Thank You to all the drivers, teams and fans who braved the threat of rain in the area to come out and see a great night of racing at your very own Dells Raceway Park.


Memorial 50 Armed Forces Night May 28th 2016 Results


Super Late Models - Qualify

1 21S Tim Schendel 13.281
2 5S Johnny Sauter 13.283
3 7J John DeAngelis Jr 13.285
4 11K Bobby Kendall 13.330
5 11P Alex Prunty 13.376
6 14N Austin Nason 13.399
7 5 Jeremy Miller 13.426
8 8 Josh Wallace 13.449
9 89 Ryan Farrell 13.451
10 71E Mark Eswine 13.468
11 12S Terry Schoppenhurst 13.473
12 43 Matt Kocourek 13.487
13 99G Jerry Gille 13.491
14 25S Jeff Storm 13.521
15 31J Corey Jankowski 13.578
16 66P Landry Potter 13.583
17 44L Mike Lichtfeld 13.585
18 52T Keith Tolf 13.609
19 12K Brad Kossow 13.636
20 17 Mark Simonsen 13.680
21 13 Mike Breiner 13.741
22 31DS Dale Schultz 14.218


Assembly Products SLM Dash
1 5S Johnny Sauter
2 5 Jeremy Miller
3 71E Mark Eswine
4 21S Tim Schendel
5 11P Alex Prunty
6 8 Josh Wallace
7 14N Austin Nason
8 11K Bobby Kendall
9 7J John DeAngelis Jr
10 89 Ryan Farrell

Super Late Models - Feature A

1 5S Johnny Sauter
2 11P Alex Prunty
3 5 Jeremy Miller
4 21S Tim Schendel
5 7J John DeAngelis Jr
6 12S Terry Schoppenhorst
7 25S Jeff Storm
8 44L Mike Lichtfeld
9 31J Corey Jankowski
10 43 Matt Kocourek
11 11K Bobby Kendall
12 8 Josh Wallace
13 89 Ryan Farrell
14 52T Keith Tolf
15 13 Mike Breiner
16 99G Jerry Gille
17 71E Mark Eswine
18 14N Austin Nason