Thursday, October 27, 2016

Alex Will be a Special Guest Speaker at Lomira High School Next Wednesday, November 2nd!


 We are happy to announce that after being out of high school for 5 years, Alex will be returning to the Lomira High School in a little different position than he had gotten used to in the past, as a special guest speaker for the “Racing Dynamics & Engineering” class! Alex will have his race car on hand at the school for all the students to see in the automotive shop, and will be teaching the students common uses of Engineering & physics in a real life application, as well as showing them all the crazy set-up tricks and strategies that he uses on his super late model racing at the local short tracks!

The one-of-a-kind class was started in 2010 by science teacher and local racer Aaron Cain! Alex was a student in this class, and took a real interest in learning about the relationship between physics and engineering, and how it can be applied to motorsports! Projects that they did in the class included the introduction into physics calculations, aerodynamics, racing related handling theories, and much much more, including testing setup changes on Aaron Cain’s racing go-cart on the grass field behind the school!



Semester Course GRADE LEVEL: 10, 11, 12

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Racing Dynamics and Engineering is a challenging course concentrating on the science surrounding racecars. Some of the topics include Aerodynamics, Physics, Traction Theory, and the Internal Combustion Engine. This class will also have a strong project component that will require you to complete many projects outside of class. Due to the unique nature of the class you will use many of the skills that you have learned in other classes. Students should plan on using Math and English skills while completing this course. All Students will be required to keep a notebook to record notes.

Alex is very excited to show all the students of the class what racing is all about, and also continue to gain youth interest in motorsports! After doing several events this year, it has become more and more apparent that there are a lot of students in schools that have not had the opportunity to see a race car up close, and be able to ask questions about the components on the car, and how they can get involved in motorsports. Alex will also be getting all the students some free tickets to come watch him race at Slinger Speedway in 2017!