Tuesday, October 4, 2016

FUN First Time for Alex & Team at NSTC in Rockford!

Did we ever have a blast at Rockford!

In all honesty, the weekend went way better than I thought it might! Being that is was the 1st time I had ever raced there, I had a lot to learn. The track surface is extremely bumpy, and very different to the nice smooth surfaces I am used to with Slinger and the Dells. We were able to have a lot of practice time on Friday, and this really helped with my confidence level going into Saturday.

It rained on and off a lot on Friday and Saturday, so for the track it was a constant battle. I don't think the sun came out the entire weekend. Practice was limited on Saturday due to the rain, and in final practice a car dropped some oil on the track, and I got into the wall for the 1st time down the front stretch. No suspension was wrecked, so we pounded out the body, and regrouped for qualifying. Being that I just hit the wall, I was probably a little more cautious than I should have been, but we ended up qualifying 8th, and were locked in to the big 200 lap show!

Qualifying races got rained out on Saturday night, so the 200 lap race on Sunday would be the 1st actual race experience I would get. The invert was 5, so we started along side the fastest qualifier in the 3rd row outside position. Right from the start of the race, the car handled great! We worked our way up to the 3rd position, and on the 1st caution of the race, we would work our way past our Slinger rival Steve Apel for the 2nd position! We would ride in the 2nd position for a majority of the race, including the half way mark! We would continue to stay in the top 4 all the way till about 50 to go, when on a restart we got spun around, and hit hard in the LF.

Found ourselves with a flat LF tire, and heavy suspension damage. the brake pedal was going half to the floor, and the front tires were obviously pointed in opposite directions. That would be the end of our day. Final position, 15th. DNF.

Though are day ended with the crash, I had an absolute BLAST! Had the time of my life running 2nd a majority of the race with the competition that was there, and honestly no one expected us to do it! Definitely had a car to beat, and I'm definitely going to be putting that race on my schedule again for next year!! I feel like we proved that whether we are at Slinger, the Dells, or even a new track I've never raced on, we can drive with the best of them! REALLY REALLY looking forward to that race next year, definitely going to have a circle around the date, because I know we'll have a great chance to win it the 2nd time around!

Here are the race highlights, a lot of action! The crash is at the 11 minute mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wxkYL5f_yM