Monday, September 25, 2017

Successful Weekend at the Dells with the TUNDRA Series

We were quick right off the bat, being 2nd quick in both morning practice sessions out of 25 cars. In qualifying the car was pretty good, we ended up 4th quick. Finished 2nd in the Fast Five dash (5 fastest cars for 5 laps).

For the feature they inverted 13 cars, which put the 13th place car from qualifying starting on the pole, and the fastest qualifier 13th. We started in the 10th position, 5th row outside. The Dells is a tough place to pass, but we were able to work our way up to the front of the field patiently with 20 laps to go in the 75 lap event.

Things got really exciting the final 10 laps, as we passed 2nd place, and then had to battle for it. We would end up finishing in the 3rd position after some contact from behind. Fun race! Video is pretty exciting towards the end! Just burned off the rear tires towards the end, didn't have much bite off the corners. Easy to do when it is that hot out, most cars had same issue. Overall though, very happy with how the car performed.