Monday, October 8, 2018


by Jason Luter

September 30, 2018 - Rockford, IL - Why settle for one, when two is so much sweeter?  That was

Alex Prunty’s thoughts in route to earning his second National Short Track Championship Sunday

afternoon at the Rockford Speedway.  Prunty joined the likes of Trickle, Shear, Carlson, Hoffman

and Lepak with successfully defending their NSTC win and was the first to do so in eleven years. 

But the title didn’t come easy.

Prunty’s strategy was to do what he had to do to get in the lead and save his equipment.  Starting

sixth, he charged to second quick.  Bettenhausen winner, Paul Shafer, Jr., took the early lead, but

Prunty was coming hard.  In just three laps, he was on Shafer’s bumper.  Prunty drifted high and

slid by Shafer on lap ten and never looked back.  

Prunty held the lead for the remaining 190 circuits and through six cautions including one with

ten laps to go when James Swan had a right rear tire go down and spun in turn one.  "I was

happy because we had to race for it’,” smiled Prunty in victory lane.  There was something to

prove.  “I know we won two in a row here, but people forget we also won the championship at

Slinger (Speedway) this year.  We have a great team."

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Slinger Speedway Super Late Model Champions!

A 4th Place finish Sunday night was all Alex needed to lock up the 2018 Slinger Super Speedway Super Late Model Track Championship in just his 3rd year in the division! After getting pushed into a wreck early, Alex & team were able to continue on despite significant damages to the rear of the car. 

Alex became the 4th youngest SLM track champion in Slinger history at 25 years old (Rich Bickle 22 1983, Alan Kulwicki 22 1977, and Steve Apel 25 2013)

Friday, August 31, 2018

Alex Prunty on the Verge of His First Super Late Model Slinger Title

Slinger, WI) Sunday night, September 2 will be the final night race of the 2018 season at the Slinger Super Speedway and will likely usher in a new super late model champion. Keith’s Marina presents the Labor Day Special. The program features a 100-lap main event for the super late models and will serve as the championship night for the track’s premier division.

The super late models will be joined on Sunday night by a full program for the late models, area sportsman, Slinger bee’s, figure 8’s and one-on-one spectator races.

The evening also features a gigantic post-race fireworks display brought to you, in part, by Bonafide Security Solutions, PMF Landscape Supply and DeAngelis Construction.

Alex Prunty maintains a 70 point lead over his uncle Dennis Prunty atop the super late model point standings. Alex is a former Slinger bee’s champion and a two-time Slinger Speedway late model track champion. A championship on Sunday night would be his first super late model title.

“We’ll treat this race no differently than any of our other races this season,” stated Alex Prunty. “Capping the season off with a win would be an explanation point on a great season. We’re expecting a great field of cars and look forward to an excellent crowd.”

Gates open Sunday at 4:45 p.m. with qualifying scheduled for 5:00 p.m. Opening ceremonies begin at 6:30 with racing to follow. The Sunday night show features a Monday night, September 3 rain date.

The night will also feature a new class of Wall of Fame inductees. Five personalities that added to the over 70 year history of Slinger Speedway will be honored at intermission. As part of the Wall of Fame ceremony, any former Slinger Speedway racer is encouraged to register for free admission.

Rain last week forced the Memorial Go-Kart event to be added to the Sunday, September 2 race day. The Go-Karts will run their program in the afternoon with the charities fundraiser and Balloons to Heaven launch scheduled to take place as part of the night race program.

Championships will be decided in all the remaining divisions, when the track brings down the curtain on its 2018 campaign, Sunday afternoon, September 9.

Slinger Speedway is located off of Highways 41 and 144 at 280 Cedar Creek Road in Slinger, WI. For more information on upcoming events visit our web site at or call the track office at 262-644-5921.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Alex Wins Triple Challenge Championship!

By Dan Margetta

Slinger, Wis., Aug 19- Dennis Prunty drove to victory in the 60-lap super late model feature Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway in the third and final round of the Triple Challenge while Alex Prunty was the overall Triple Challenge winner.

“The car was really weird tonight as we tried something new and man, it was really tight for about ten laps with every restart, “ Prunty stated after having to fend off many challenges despite managing to lead all 60 laps, “But it was good enough to get away and I hate starting on the pole and not winning so starting on the pole and winning is pretty cool.”

“I thought of something all week, “ Prunty continued, “And I did something for the long runs and I think it works but it didn’t work in qualifying and it doesn’t work for the short runs, so we’ll after to figure out what we need to change.”
“I had a pretty good car tonight and I just burned it off a bit too much too early there on some restarts, “Alex Prunty said after surviving hard fought battles with Brad Keith and Chris Blawat to bring home a second place result.

“The bottom was just too slippery and I needed the outside and on that last restart he (Dennis Prunty) saw it, “Prunty explained after his second place finish netted him the Triple Challenge championship, “I got a run up top but it was just one of those deals where the top was hard to beat and we’ll just get them next week. It’s the first time I won the Triple Challenge and it really means a lot to me.”

Brad Keith became caught up in an early incident and then drove through the field to briefly run second before settling for a strong third place result at the finish.

“The car was really good tonight and we’ve been kind of struggling in race trim here, “Keith told the crowd afterwards, “It’s been qualifying really great and this week we took a big swing at it right before the feature and that think really came alive at the end.”

Chris Blawat battled with the front runners all race long and briefly challenged for the lead before finishing in fourth place and Nick Wagner racked up another top five result in fifth. Conrad Morgan finished sixth followed by Mike Held and Grant Griesbach in seventh and eighth respectively while David Prunty and Rich Loch completed the top ten finishers.

David Prunty returned to the super late model ranks for the first time since 2011 and promptly won the first super late model heat race while Alex Prunty won the second heat race. Brad Keith was the fastest qualifier after circling the speedway in 11.353 seconds.

Monday, July 30, 2018


Slinger, Wis. — Alex Prunty edged Dennis Prunty in a close finish to win the 60-lap super late model feature Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.

“It’s just so much fun battling with Dennis and we got really loose there toward the end and I didn’t know if we were going to be able to get him,” Alex Prunty told the crowd from victory lane, “I can’t say enough about my guys as we’ve been junk here the last three weeks and we finally got it figured out.”

“It was actually Dennis that kind of told us what we were doing wrong, “Alex Prunty continued, “So I appreciate him helping us out there as we were doing something backwards from what we should’ve been doing. It just means the world to me to put on a show like that and have fun racing Uncle Dennis.”

Dennis Prunty started from the pole position and immediately jumped out to the early lead while Conrad Morgan, Alex Prunty, and Grant Griesbach jockeyed for positions behind him. Brad Mueller and Brad Keith joined the lead pack as Dennis Prunty began to ease away from the field. Keith and Mueller worked their way around Griesbach to take over fourth and fifth as Alex Prunty worked on Morgan for second. Alex Prunty eventually claimed the second spot as Keith and Mueller dueled side by side over fourth place with Griesbach directly in their tracks. With six laps to go, Mueller and Keith tangled in turn two to draw the only caution flag of the event, erasing Dennis Prunty’s comfortable lead. Dennis chose the inside for the restart, leaving the outside to Alex and as racing resumed the two battled door to door for the lead. Dennis Prunty’s car appeared to need the outside groove to handle off the turns and with Alex Prunty occupying the upper lane, he was able to gain a slight advantage. As the pair battled to the checkered flag, Alex Prunty was able to inch ahead to take the victory with Dennis Prunty alongside. Grant Griesbach finished a strong third directly behind the top two while Brad Keith edged Brad Mueller in a photo finish over fourth. Conrad Morgan finished sixth followed by Nick Wagner in seventh and Rob Braun in eighth. Dave McCardle and Tim Lampman rounded out the top ten.

Super late model heat races were won by Mike Held and Dennis Prunty and Brad Keith was the fastest qualifier with a lap at 11.278 seconds.

Monday, July 23, 2018

3rd Place in Wild Finish to Race #2 of the Triple Challenge at Slinger

By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., July 22— Over the last few years anytime Steve Apel and Gary LaMonte are battling for the super late model feature victory at the Slinger Super Speedway, the outcome is sure to be intense and that was the case Sunday night as contact between the two on the final lap deemed avoidable by track officials left the results decided by the rulebook with Apel declared the winner
LaMonte paced most of the event after taking command on lap ten while Apel worked his way forward and into second place by the time the field lined up for a restart with twelve laps to go that set the stage for the fireworks that followed. Door contact between the top two nearly aborted the first attempt at returning to racing but both retained control however cars behind them tangled in turn one necessitating another attempt. The second attempt was cleaner but the intensity remained as both Apel and LaMonte raced door to door for the top spot with neither giving an inch. Apel was able to wrestle the lead away with ten laps to go but LaMonte remained determined and continued to challenge, inching to Apel’s inside numerous times off the turns. The hard racing between the two rivals continued until the final lap when Apel led off turn two and down the backstretch. Just before entering turn three contact between LaMonte’s right front and Apels left rear twitched Apel’s car to the right slightly which broke his momentum and allowed LaMonte to pull alongside. Apel’s car straightened out through the middle of the corner before spinning around to the left upon exit as LaMonte drove by and ultimately Apel ended up in the wall off turn four collecting Dennis Prunty in the process who was running third. The speedway has a rule in place where if on the final lap the leader is wrecked as the result of avoidable contact, the car responsible for the contact is relegated to the last car on the lead lap and scoring reverts to the white flag lap and this was used to determine the official outcome with Apel being awarded the victory. Dennis Prunty was credited with a second place finish while Alex Prunty finished third just ahead of Grant Griesbach and Fred Winn in fourth and fifth respectively. Mike Held finished sixth while Conrad Morgan was seventh and Tim Lampman was eighth. Jerry Mueller and Brad Keith rounded out the top ten finishers while LaMonte was credited with finishing eleventh the final car on the lead lap.

Super late model heat races were won by Rob Braun, Ryan DeStefano, and Grant Griesbach while Steve Apel was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 11.258 seconds.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

7th Place Finish at Nationals After Running Strong Up Front

What a day yesterday, after all the testing, all the practice in the morning, we qualified our way into the Slinger Nationals! Extremely tight times as expected, and we would end up 9th with an 11.29, our fastest time of the year! 2nd place was an 11.24, and 22nd was an 11.36! Crazy close 35 car field, but we made the top 12 so we were locked in to the main show!
The main show started out really well for us, started 4th in the star studded field that included a handful of NASCAR Drivers including Erik Jones (Won NASCAR cup series race at Daytona Saturday night), Ty Majeski, Steve Wallace, and Johnny Sauter. Had an outstanding car and quickly jumped to 2nd and began to pressure for the lead for about 30 laps. I could get to his back bumper, but could not complete the pass. By lap 50 I began to worry about burning off our tires, so I decided to preserve my equipment and back off a bit. At the lap 100 break, we found ourselves in the 3rd position.
Shortly before the break battling to maintain 2nd, we received some left front suspension damage that really effected the handing of our car. We jumped wheels with another car, and it turned my steering wheel about a 1/4 turn to the right. During the pit stop at half way we made all attempts to repair that we could, but with only 10 minutes of break time, there was no time for further inspection, we had to go.
After the break the car was okay, just not as good as I was. We ran 3rd for  a while, but the car began to get extremely tight in the center of the corner and we dropped back to 6th with about 50 laps to go. A crazy restart late would put us back to 8th, but we would be able to battle back to get up to 7th.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Solid 3rd Place Finishes Headed into the Nationals

Slinger, Wis., July 1— Dennis Prunty held off a hard charging Gary LaMonte to win the Oscar Mike 75-lap super late model feature Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway to notch his fourth main event victory of the season.

John DeAngelis and Conrad Morgan led the field to the green and they battled side by side for the lead for the opening lap before Morgan edged ahead from the outside groove. Chris Blawat also used the outside to advance into second place while Alex Prunty, and Gary LaMonte battled DeAngelis for third. While Blawat began to track down Morgan out front, Alex Prunty and LaMonte worked their way around DeAngelis and into third and fourth respectively while Grant Griesbach and Dennis Prunty battled just outside the top five. Blawat was able to use the inside lane to sweep by Morgan for the lead on lap 14 just before the first caution flag waved on lap 15 when Tim Lampman had a tire go down which forced him into the turn one wall. Blawat chose the outside lane for the restart and maintained the top spot while Alex Prunty, Gary LaMonte, and Dennis Prunty all were able to advance forward and drop Morgan back to fifth. Following a quick caution on lap 22 when John DeAngelis experienced problems and stopped in turn two, Alex Prunty closed in on Blawat for the lead and was able to pass by to take the top spot on lap 24 while Dennis Prunty and LaMonte remained door to door right behind the top two. Alex Prunty was able to fend off any challenges Blawat tried from the outside but in the process, opened up the inside lane and Dennis Prunty took advantage as he grabbed the lead on lap 28. LaMonte followed Dennis Prunty on the inside and a few laps later was able to wrestle second place from Alex Prunty. LaMonte whittled away Dennis Prunty’s lead during the second half of the race and with fifteen laps to go was right on Prunty’s rear bumper. LaMonte let Prunty know he was there as he applied a few bumper taps as Prunty’s car swung loose off the turns but each time Prunty was able to power off the corner just enough to maintain the lead. The leaders worked lapped traffic over the final laps as Dennis Prunty held off LaMonte’s challenges and he drove to his fourth super late model feature victory of the season. Alex Prunty finished a strong third while Brad Kossow finished a very respectable fourth after starting at the back of the field. Chric Blawat finished fifth.

Super late model heat races were won by Brad Kossow, John DeAngelis, and Alex Prunty while Dennis Prunty was the fastest qualifier after touring the speedway in 11.337 seconds.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Suspension Part Failure Ends Race Early

On the move forward running 3rd, Alex suffered an upper A-arm failure coming in to turn 3 on lap 34.

Fred Winn and Rich Bickle led the field to the green flag and raced side by side for the lead in the opening laps before Winn eased ahead from the outside lane. Brad Mueller, Gary LaMonte, and Conrad Morgan also worked their way around Bickle as Winn set the pace out front. Mueller tracked down Winn for the lead and swept past on the inside to take the top spot on lap 8 and LaMonte and Morgan followed suit a few laps later to move into second and third respectively. Behind the front four, Bickle found himself in a battle with Alex Prunty and Grant Griesbach over the fifth spot as farther back contact between Rob Braun and Tim Lampman sent Lampman spinning off turn four to draw the first caution flag on lap 15. Braun “tapped out” at the start-finish line to take the blame for the incident as Mueller chose the outside lane for the restart. Mueller charged into the lead as racing resumed with LaMonte falling in line behind him in second. After one lap was completed, an incident back in the pack resulted in Lampman’s car spinning into turn three and in the ensuing melee Jerry Eckhardt’s car slid hard into the turn three wall while Brad Keith’s car also sustained severe damage as several other cars headed off the track to attend to minor damage.
Before a lap could be completed on the restart, the field bunched up off turn four which resulted in another incident this time involving Chris Blawat, Rob Braun, and Jeff Holtz as the caution waved again. As the race went back to green, Mueller once again edged ahead of LaMonte as Alex Prunty moved into third place, keeping pace with the leaders. Prunty’s strong run was short lived however as his car suddenly shot up the racetrack in turn four and then came to a stop in turn two on lap 29 after suffering a broken suspension part. Once again Mueller retained the lead as racing resumed while Steve Apel challenged LaMonte for second, eventually taking the position a few laps later. Farther back, Rich Bickle began to march through the field, advancing forward to battle Conrad Morgan over fifth. Mueller maintained a comfortable lead over Apel and LaMonte as the laps wound down while Bickle muscled his way around Morgan for fifth and then came out ahead of a several lap battle with Grant Griesbach over fourth place. Mueller drove to the victory over Apel while LaMonte finished third just ahead of a fast closing Bickle in fourth while Griesbach finished fifth.

Super late model heat races were won by Mike Held, Nick Wagner, and Rob Braun while Brad Keith was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 11.317 seconds.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

9th Place Rebound After Early Spin on Father's Day

Travis Dassow charged to the lead at the start from his pole position starting spot while Conrad Morgan tucked in behind him in second. Nick Wagner and Grant Griesbach raced side by side over third while Keith, Dennis Prunty, Gary LaMonte, and Alex Prunty all followed in formation behind. With Dassow and Morgan pulling away slightly out front, Griesbach and Keith caught a break on lap 12 when Wagner’s car kicked loose momentarily from the inside allowing those on the high side to scoot by while the inside lane checked up. Dennis Prunty was directly behind Wagner and he quickly darted to the outside right in front of a fast closing Alex Prunty who was forced to lift and as he attempted to move back inside, contact with the car of Chris Blawat sent him spinning off turn two to draw the caution flag.
Dassow chose the inside for the restart and Morgan was able to hang with him on the inside as racing resumed. Dassow and Morgan spent many laps door to door for the lead with Brad Keith directly behind Dassow waiting for an opening. After several lap of aggressively battling for the lead, Dassow was able to clear Morgan but in the process opened up the door on the inside for Keith and he immediately moved alongside Dassow to take the lead on lap 19. Gary Lamonte and Dennis Prunty also used the inside lane to work their way around Morgan and Dassow to claim second and third place respectively as Keith moved out ahead. While working lapped traffic, Dennis Prunty was able to close on LaMonte for second and was able to loosen him up enough to take the spot just before the caution flag waved again on lap 56 for a tangle between Dassow and Wagner in turn four. Because a lap had not been fully completed since Prunty’s move, LaMonte retained second place for the final four lap shootout for the victory.
Keith chose the outside for the restart and LaMonte fired it into turn one from the inside as the green flag waved and although the leaders made slight contact in the corner, Keith was able to come away with the lead as they exited turn two. Keith, LaMonte, and Dennis Prunty all were tightly bunched as the white flag was displayed with Keith maintaining the outside while LaMonte held the inside and Prunty attempted to fill the outside groove alongside LaMonte. As they exited turn two, contact between LaMonte and Prunty send Prunty scraping along the backstretch wall and he tank slapped the concrete in turn three as Keith and LaMonte charged toward the checkered flag for the win. Keith was able to fend off LaMonte to score the victory while Conrad Morgan and Grant Griesbach finished third and fourth respectively. John DeAngelis crossed the stripe in fifth followed by Justin Mondeik in sixth and Ryan DeStefano in seventh. Rob Braun, Alex Prunty , and Chris Blawat rounded out the top ten finishers.

Super late model heat races were won by Jerry Eckhardt, Rob Braun, and Dennis Prunty while Ryan DeStefano set fast time at 11.397 seconds.

Monday, June 4, 2018


By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., June 3— Alex Prunty survived a clean hard fought battle with Steve Apel and then turned back a hard charging Brad Mueller to win the 60-lap First Round of the Triple Challenge super late model feature in a photo finish Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.
“I have a lot of respect for Steve (Apel) as it was a lot of fun racing side by side like that for forty plus laps,” Prunty told the crowd from victory lane, “We tried something new and worked hard as we were here all day Friday testing and I’ve finally got something that I really like again.”

“I’ll you what…Steve (Apel) and Alex (Prunty)…those two ran a great race running side by side for so many laps.” Brad Mueller said after first moving into second place when Apel experienced mechanical problems with five laps to go and then coming up just inches short at the finish, “My hat’s off to them.”

“The car was great tonight and we’ve been doing little tweaks on it, “ Mueller continued,” I just wish Alex would’ve cleared him about five laps earlier because the car was really, really good.”
Alex Prunty and Rob Braun led the field to the green flag and Prunty drove to the early lead as Steve Apel tucked into second place while Braun battled with Gary LaMonte and Chris Blawat behind the top two. LaMonte and Blawat moved into third and fourth respectively just before the first caution flag waved on lap ten when Brad Keith’s car began leaking fluid on the track. Alex Prunty and Steve Apel continued their battle for the top spot as racing resumed with Apel making numerous attempts to pass on the inside while right behind them LaMonte and Blawat had their own side by side battle for third. Brad Mueller, Ryan DeStefano, Nick Wagner, and Dennis Prunty all raced in tight formation behind the top four. As the race approached halfway, Dennis Prunty and Mueller broke free from their pack and caught the top four while Apel continued to make several attempts to take the lead from Prunty. With Alex Prunty and Apel staging their battle for the top spot, the battle over fourth became heated on lap 28 when Blawat and Dennis Prunty made contact off turn two with Prunty’s car momentarily launching on top of Blawat’s machine to draw the caution flag. Both cars left the track for repairs but were able to continue in the race as Alex Prunty and Apel lined up for the restart. As racing resumed, Alex Prunty and Apel once again went door to door for the lead as LaMonte looked on from third while Brad Mueller had the outside working and he quickly the joined the top three. Mueller was able to use the outer groove to take over third from LaMonte and began to track down the top two who continued to race side by side. Apel held the low groove and was able to inch ahead slightly but Prunty powered off the turns on the high side and was able to maintain the lead all while Mueller sat directly on Prunty’s bumper in third place. With five laps to go, Apel’s car began to show signs of smoke and he dropped to the inside leaving Mueller to step up and battle Prunty for the lead. Mueller pulled alongside Prunty as the two raced to the white flag and they continued in that formation on the final lap with Mueller holding the inside and Prunty working the high groove. Mueller edged ahead slightly off turn four but Prunty powered off the final turn on the high side and won the drag race to the checkered flag by just .025 seconds. Ryan DeStefano capped off a very strong run with a third place finish while Gary LaMonte and Nick Wagner rounded out the top five. Jon DeAngelis finished sixth while Grant Griesbach was seventh. Dennis Prunty rebounded from his earlier incident to finish eighth while Tim Lampman and Rob Braun rounded out the top ten finishers.

 Mike Egan won the 20-lap super late model semi-feature over Mike Held and Jordan DeVoy.. Jake Vanoskey finished fourth and Jerry Eckhardt was fifth. Super late model heat races were won by Jake Vanoskey, Alex Prunty, and Ryan DeStefano while Brad Mueller was the fastest qualifier after circling the speedway in 11.241 seconds.


Monday, May 21, 2018


By Dan Margetta
 Slinger, Wis., May 20—Just prior to the start of the Slinger Speedway racing season, Alex Prunty’s mother suffered a brain aneurysm and Sunday night was the first time she was at the track since being released from the hospital. It made for an emotional night as Prunty won his first super late model feature of the year and added his name to the prestigious list of winners of the Alan Kulwicki Memorial.

“It’s unbelievable and it’s the first race my mom was able to make after a brain aneurysm and she has been in the hospital for a long time and we’re just happy to have her back,” Prunty told the crowd from victory lane, “The Alan Kulwicki Memorial is awesome as obviously there are a lot of big names who have won and with the Kulwicki Driver Development Program and everything those guys have done for me, there are just a lot of emotions going through my head right now.”

Prunty took the lead from defending Kulwicki Memorial winner Conrad Morgan just after a restart on lap 27 and then had to hold off numerous challenges from Dennis Prunty who had won the first two super late model features and was undefeated at the track in 2018.

“It wasn’t bad but I started back farther and had a long ways to go and burned up my tires,” Dennis Prunty stated after his second place finish, “And I knew if I touched him he would spin out so I figured I would stay off him and do the best I could.”

“We’re getting there,“ third place finisher Steve Apel said after the race, “I just kind of fell back and was trying to ride and didn’t want to really get involved with the top two, but all in all the car is in one piece and the nose is clean.”

Pole-sitter Tim Lampman paced the first two laps before Conrad Morgan took command from the outside on lap three, bringing Alex Prunty along with him into second. Chris Blawat and Gary LaMonte also made their way by Lampman to move into third and fourth and a few laps later, Dennis Prunty and Steve Apel joined them as Morgan continued to lead over Alex Prunty. The running order behind the top two shuffled as first Apel nudged Lamonte for position in turn four and a lap later, Dennis Prunty used a similar move to get by Blawat and when everything sorted out, Prunty had third ahead of Apel, LaMonte, and Blawat. The first and only caution flag of the event occurred on lap 26 for a tangle between Rich Loch and Tim Lampman in turn four which allowed the rest of the field to close in on Morgan and Alex Prunty.

Morgan chose the inside lane for the restart, leaving Alex Prunty the outer groove which proved beneficial as Prunty charged from the top side as racing resumed, completing the pass for the lead the next lap around. The outside lane became the preferred place to be as Dennis Prunty, Apel, LaMonte, and Brad Mueller all used it to advance forward. In the final laps, Dennis Prunty ran down Alex Prunty and made several attempts to pass on the inside but each time was denied as Alex Prunty was able to power off the turns to maintain the lead. With eight laps to go, Dennis Prunty tried an inside move once again but his car washed loose in turn two and as he regained control, Alex Prunty scooted away with the lead. Alex Prunty could not be caught from there and he drove to his first super late model feature victory of the season, leaving Dennis Prunty to settle for second while Steve Apel took the checkered flag in third. Gary LaMonte finished fourth and Brad Mueller was fifth. Conrad Morgan crossed the line in sixth followed by Chris Blawat and Ryan DeStefano in seventh and eighth respectively while Grant Griesbach and Brad Keith rounded out the top ten.

Super late model heat races were won by Rich Loch and Alex Prunty while Gary LaMonte was the fastest qualifier after touring the speedway in 11.243 seconds.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

2nd Place in Week 2

By Dan Margetta

 Slinger, Wis., May 6—Dennis Prunty outdueled his nephew Alex Prunty on a late race restart and drove to his second consecutive super late model feature victory at the Slinger Super Speedway in the 60-lap main event Sunday afternoon. 

Nick Wagner and David McCardle brought the field to the green flag with Wagner launching into the early lead as Alex Prunty settled into second and Gary LaMonte into third as both McCardle and Brad Keith became caught in the outside groove. Chris Blawat and Dennis Prunty also slipped by on the inside to take over fourth and fifth respectively as Wagner began to feel pressure for the lead from Alex Prunty. Alex Prunty worked his way to Wagner’s inside to complete the pass for the lead while LaMonte followed in is tire tracks and into second place. Blawat and Dennis Prunty raced alongside each other over fourth directly behind Wagner with Blawat’s car twitching loose off turn two causing him to lose ground as Dennis Prunty worked his way past Wagner and into third.
Gary LaMonte tracked down Alex Prunty for the top spot and began to make numerous stabs at the lead by edging the nose of his car to the inside of Prunty’s left rear fender. Each time however, Alex Prunty was able to fend off the challenges with a strong run off the turns as the side by side racing up front allowed Dennis Prunty to catch the top two. As the leaders approached lapped traffic at the halfway point, LaMonte tried to squeeze in behind Alex Prunty and just ahead of Dennis Prunty and in doing so made slight contact with Alex Prunty’s rear fender, sending him into a spin off turn two to draw the caution flag. LaMonte “tapped out” at the start/finish line, taking the blame for the incident and allowing Alex Prunty to maintain the lead.
Alex Prunty chose the outside lane for the restart and as racing resumed he was able to fend off the challenges Dennis Prunty gave him from the inside lane while Chris Blawat and Conrad Morgan raced over third place behind them. Morgan developed a severe tire rub and had to exit the speedway, leaving Brad Keith to move into fourth place just ahead of the battle for fifth between Wagner and Ryan DeStefano. While the racing stabilized up front, Gary Lamonte was making a charge from the back of the field and he was able to advance all the way to fourth place with ten laps to go when the caution flag waved again for a tangle between David McCardle and Nick Wagner in turn one.

Once again Alex Prunty chose the outside for the restart, leaving the inside lane for Dennis Prunty and after an aborted attempt at going back to green, the pair raced side by side into turn one as racing resumed. This time around Dennis Prunty held tough on the inside and he was able to muscle into the lead after several laps of side by side battling. Alex Prunty was able to maintain second place by sliding in directly behind Dennis Prunty with LaMonte right on his tail in third. The top three remained unchanged all the way to the checkered flag with Dennis Prunty scoring the victory over Alex Prunty and Gary LaMonte. Chris Blawat finished fourth while Brad Keith crossed the finish line in fifth. Ryan DeStefano finished sixth followed by Mike Held and Nick Wagner in seventh and eighth place respectively while Jerry Eckhardt and David McCardle rounded out the top ten.
Super late model heat race victories were captured by Alex Prunty and Brad Keith while Dennis Prunty was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 11.265 seconds.


Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Large Piece of Debris Takes Alex Out of the Slinger Opener

With all the work we did in the off season and early testing, we decided to go to the track with the new setup we have been developing. Overall, I was very happy with it, and it was definitely an improvement from what I had last year. With a new setup comes new ways to adjust the car, and different handling responses to different track conditions. With there being many more cars on the track this weekend, and the track starting to rubber in, we just got extremely tight in the center of the corner (Did not want to rotate), and would end up qualifying 7th of 25 cars.

After making an adjustment for the heat race, and going from 9th to 4th in 10 laps, I was confident I had a good car to battle with week 1. We started 7th in the feature, and quickly worked our way up to the 3rd/4th position. There was a lot of cautions, that I personally think were caused by the wet track. Like I talked about last week, the track has been bleeding water, and all that water is puddled in the bottom apron area in turns 3&4. Anytime you looked under another car, it would splash all the water up on to the racing surface, and bad things happened from there.

We had a great run going battling for 3rd, and the car I was outside of washed up the track and knocked us back 2 positions. A caution would come out about 2 laps later, as a car near the rear of the field with damage lost his full exhaust pipe, and was laying in the middle of the track. Unfortunately before we could get slowed down for the caution, I was the unlucky car that caught the exhaust pipe right in the middle of my radiator. With the cars in front of me swerving at the last second, I never seen it. That video is attached below, you can see it fly off the red 17 car a lap before the caution. The leader actually hits it first, and it was just flying around from there.

The hole in the radiator would end our day, as we were leaking water badly. 15th position

Friday, March 2, 2018

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