Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Large Piece of Debris Takes Alex Out of the Slinger Opener

With all the work we did in the off season and early testing, we decided to go to the track with the new setup we have been developing. Overall, I was very happy with it, and it was definitely an improvement from what I had last year. With a new setup comes new ways to adjust the car, and different handling responses to different track conditions. With there being many more cars on the track this weekend, and the track starting to rubber in, we just got extremely tight in the center of the corner (Did not want to rotate), and would end up qualifying 7th of 25 cars.

After making an adjustment for the heat race, and going from 9th to 4th in 10 laps, I was confident I had a good car to battle with week 1. We started 7th in the feature, and quickly worked our way up to the 3rd/4th position. There was a lot of cautions, that I personally think were caused by the wet track. Like I talked about last week, the track has been bleeding water, and all that water is puddled in the bottom apron area in turns 3&4. Anytime you looked under another car, it would splash all the water up on to the racing surface, and bad things happened from there.

We had a great run going battling for 3rd, and the car I was outside of washed up the track and knocked us back 2 positions. A caution would come out about 2 laps later, as a car near the rear of the field with damage lost his full exhaust pipe, and was laying in the middle of the track. Unfortunately before we could get slowed down for the caution, I was the unlucky car that caught the exhaust pipe right in the middle of my radiator. With the cars in front of me swerving at the last second, I never seen it. That video is attached below, you can see it fly off the red 17 car a lap before the caution. The leader actually hits it first, and it was just flying around from there.

The hole in the radiator would end our day, as we were leaking water badly. 15th position