Wednesday, July 11, 2018

7th Place Finish at Nationals After Running Strong Up Front

What a day yesterday, after all the testing, all the practice in the morning, we qualified our way into the Slinger Nationals! Extremely tight times as expected, and we would end up 9th with an 11.29, our fastest time of the year! 2nd place was an 11.24, and 22nd was an 11.36! Crazy close 35 car field, but we made the top 12 so we were locked in to the main show!
The main show started out really well for us, started 4th in the star studded field that included a handful of NASCAR Drivers including Erik Jones (Won NASCAR cup series race at Daytona Saturday night), Ty Majeski, Steve Wallace, and Johnny Sauter. Had an outstanding car and quickly jumped to 2nd and began to pressure for the lead for about 30 laps. I could get to his back bumper, but could not complete the pass. By lap 50 I began to worry about burning off our tires, so I decided to preserve my equipment and back off a bit. At the lap 100 break, we found ourselves in the 3rd position.
Shortly before the break battling to maintain 2nd, we received some left front suspension damage that really effected the handing of our car. We jumped wheels with another car, and it turned my steering wheel about a 1/4 turn to the right. During the pit stop at half way we made all attempts to repair that we could, but with only 10 minutes of break time, there was no time for further inspection, we had to go.
After the break the car was okay, just not as good as I was. We ran 3rd for  a while, but the car began to get extremely tight in the center of the corner and we dropped back to 6th with about 50 laps to go. A crazy restart late would put us back to 8th, but we would be able to battle back to get up to 7th.