Monday, October 8, 2018


by Jason Luter

September 30, 2018 - Rockford, IL - Why settle for one, when two is so much sweeter?  That was

Alex Prunty’s thoughts in route to earning his second National Short Track Championship Sunday

afternoon at the Rockford Speedway.  Prunty joined the likes of Trickle, Shear, Carlson, Hoffman

and Lepak with successfully defending their NSTC win and was the first to do so in eleven years. 

But the title didn’t come easy.

Prunty’s strategy was to do what he had to do to get in the lead and save his equipment.  Starting

sixth, he charged to second quick.  Bettenhausen winner, Paul Shafer, Jr., took the early lead, but

Prunty was coming hard.  In just three laps, he was on Shafer’s bumper.  Prunty drifted high and

slid by Shafer on lap ten and never looked back.  

Prunty held the lead for the remaining 190 circuits and through six cautions including one with

ten laps to go when James Swan had a right rear tire go down and spun in turn one.  "I was

happy because we had to race for it’,” smiled Prunty in victory lane.  There was something to

prove.  “I know we won two in a row here, but people forget we also won the championship at

Slinger (Speedway) this year.  We have a great team."